Exploring your five senses
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Exploring your five senses

By Sabine, 04.04.2022

When you´ve been together for a while sex can be a bit of a routine job. The same old positions, on the same spots and, well, you got the picture and that’s okay, because it also means you know each other’s likes and dislikes. You work like an oiled machine, but the sparks from before, they’re just not as they used to be. So, maybe it’s time to try something new! You don’t have to shop for new toys -you could of course- but start off by making better use of your senses. All five of them! 


It can be a challenge to stay in the moment, not letting your thoughts distract you, thinking of all the groceries that have to be bought. All the emails you still have to reply to. But then there’s lots of sexy music to help focus you on the sexy job. Try out a sexy playlist on Spotify to help get you in the mood. Or put your ears against your lover’s chest to listen to their heartbeat in the heat of the moment. You will see that it turns you on. And what about the sound of moaning, OMG hot. 


The eyes love a feast! Let’s be honest, a sexy outfit turns us on more than sweatpants. Instead of ripping each other’s clothes off you might try to admire what’s right in front of you. Take the time to admire your lover’s body. You might find a new spot for your lips to explore. 


When you’re horny all kinds of smells appear, right? But what about bringing some extra sexy scents to the bedroom – or any other room-  by using scented candles? Or put on that perfume you know will drive your lover crazy. Sniff your partners hair when they stroke you during sex. It might sound a bit creepy, but all those pheromones have a very sexy affect!


This might be the most important sense of the five. You can explore your lover’s body with your hands of course, but what about exploring it with your tongue or lips. Or, you can opt for using a special attribute. A long feather, an ice cube or other kinds of material that will turn you both on. To make it all even more intense you can wear a blindfold. Take the time to feel each other, enjoy the foreplay and alternate the use of the blindfold. 


You can go all in and taste each other’s bodys from head to toe. But you can try and taste things put on your body. If you think feeding each other strawberries and whip cream and licking chocolate sauce off each other is all a big cliche, don’t worry, there’re a lot of alternative possibilities. Go nuts and do whatever you want and like. Edible body paint or flavored lube. Heck, if eating yoghurt before sex is your thing, go for it! 

We hope this inspires you to enjoy and explore all your senses! 

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