Age difference between the sheets? These are the benefits
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Age difference between the sheets? These are the benefits

By Janna, 12.12.2022

Some people don’t even want to think about it, while others get off on it: sex with someone who is much older, or much younger. Thrills come in all shapes and sizes. So it’s not surprising if you get turned-on by someone who doesn’t fall within the same age group. Also age says nothing about the attraction you share or about the sparks between the sheets. With this in mind, don’t let age put you off. In fact, there are more than enough benefits to messing around with someone from a different generation!

More experience

Is your lover a lot older than you are? Then there is a good chance they also have more life experience. Which can be very useful between the sheets. Someone older, who perhaps knows themselves a little better, isn’t afraid to tell you what they like. They can also find your most sensitive spots more easily, or at least won’t be shy to ask you about it! And we’re not even considering dominance here.

Did you hook up with a younger toy-boy? Then realize that you are probably the more experienced person. Do you feel that this might be a disadvantage? Then why not think of all the ways you can share your wisdom. Your toy-boy is bound to be open to new experiences.

A feast for the eyes

Of course, this depends on the person in question, but let’s discuss the body for a moment. A younger person’s body is generally a bit sportier, and they probably have a bit more stamina too.

On the other hand, the body of an older male buddy has more life experience, and gives you a safe feeling and daddy vibes.


It’s not only between the sheets that you learn a lot from your fling. In everyday life the age difference can make a positive contribution too. For example, a younger person can bring out your wild side again and lead you to go through life with less inhibitions. As a result, you get more courageous and take more risks.

Is your sex buddy older? Then they are probably also a lot wiser and so always have good advice ready with issues you don’t have an immediate answer to. They are generally a lot more serious and capable to put themselves in your shoes more easily.


That young fling is not averse to a little sexting, surprising you with a dick pic during office hours, and gets that FaceTime can be used for more than just calling.

An older sex buddy still knows what seduction was like in the old days. They usually take a more traditional approach. So, get ready to be put on a pedestal and experience some good old face-to-face seduction!

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