How to get hot in winter times
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How to get hot in winter times

By Emmeline Peaches, 11.12.2023

A person lies in bed, their eyes groggy as they just awake. It’s still dark outside, they can hear the wind howling violently. A single foot slipped tentatively out of the blankets swiftly confirms that the biting chill of winter is alive and well in the bedroom. It’s enough to send a shiver up the spine.

The squirming vocalisations they make are enough to stir the other body in the bed, who was sleeping lightly. With their own groggy moan, they move in and hug up to the back of their distressed partner.

As they move in, the warmth of their breath catches their partner’s ear on an exhale. The sensation is enough of a sensational contrast that it creates yet another shivering tingle, though this time it’s of a different nature…

Let’s talk heat.

Warming Up To Warmth

It’s officially winter for many places now which means shorter days, frosty winds and perhaps even some degree of snow.

Thankfully winter also brings with it many other things. Things like log fires, hot chocolate and, of course, an excuse to stay in bed for longer (when time allows, of course).

They say that it’s not about how bright a candle shines but more how dark the room is and this is very much the case when it comes to warmth. A soothing cup of tea is just pleasant during spring or summer weather.

Come winter, however, there are few things more comforting then wrapping one’s hands intimately around a warm cup of your favourite herbal remedy.

Warmth is transformed by an increase in cold, and this applies to all elements of life, which bodes incredibly well for the bedroom.

Case in point – studies have found that sexual gratification and orgasms will actually increase in frequency if someone has socks on in a cold environment as opposed to baring one’s bare feet to the chill of a cold room.

Given this fact, your entire body has the potential to become a tool of erotic potential during winter, just for the sheer fact that you are a warm-blooded animal (potentially in more ways than one).

Harnessing Erotic Warmth

The human body likes to maintain a regular temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. That is quite a lot warmer than some of the temperatures that you’ll typically find colder winter days dropping to, so you’ve certainly got a natural advantage in terms of sensation play during the cooler months.

If you and your partner/s are one for sensation then this is the time of year to begin harnessing it in full force.

A blindfold and your breath will be able to do wonders in terms of keeping anticipation up and creating an erotic response. Add in some handcuffs and you’ve got a bit of a kinky affair going on to.

Winter can also help make regular items or daily occurrences part of your sexual exploration. Take, for example, those warm beverages we’ve been talking about. Once your partner is primed and ready for sexual play make sure that (with their permission) you have a nice hot cup of tea to hand.

Do let them know about the tea itself, but there’s no reason as to why you can’t keep the flavour of the tea a mystery, that way they won’t know what aroma they’ll be met with – peppermint, a fruit blend, or perhaps an alluring mulled winter offering.

In between normal breaths and warmer licks and sucks add in some sips of tea to make your breath (and mouth) even warmer. Then get creative about where you’re going to apply your super-charged, super-warm breath and oral abilities.

If your partner is interested (and you’re sensible) there’s always a chance to place the semi-cooled tea cup on their skin too after it’s emptied for even more variation.

Or you could opt for coffee, if they’re more of a java lover. Hot chocolate is not advised – it’s a nice idea but is typically too heavy when it settles in the stomach (and generally doesn’t smell as alluring on the breath). The more you know.

Getting Some Equipment

If you like the idea of warmth but you’re not one for a hands (/breath…?) on approach then fret not! There are many ways that you can still explore and indulge in a warming delight during the season.

Wax candles offer one such option – bonus points if they’re a massage candle allowing for a warm oil massage as well as being a bit kinky. Speaking of oils, a nice warming oil massage can go a very long way on a chilly night.

Just make sure that the room you plan to do it in is warmer too, otherwise your partner/s might be less inclined to strip bare and lie down for you, no matter the allure of a warm almond offering.

If you’re a fan of baths then it might be worth getting in one and indulging with some waterproof vibrators. Just make sure that you have a lubricant which will allow for easy play. Water and sex don’t always mix as well as you’d might think!

In terms of intimacy, a warm bath alone can often be a great erotic primer, or aftercare tool if you’ve had a hard session. After all, it’s not all about sex.

Having said that, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the most cutting edge in sex toys – vibrators that also come with a heating feature. These toys will warm to a pre-set temperature making using them a cosy embrace as well as a mind-blowing experience.

But, hey, if you don’t want to invest in high tech then get yourself a good glass, steel, or precious gem sex toy and put it in a bowl of warm water to heat it up. The results can be sensational…literally!

Want to warm up this season? Check out our Winter 2018 Top 5 porn for women.

The Takeaway

Our sexual urges come in seasons, so it makes perfect sense to try and coincide those urges with the actual seasons too.

The colder nights might be here but all that means is a chance to explore and indulge in the heat that you bring to the bedroom. Have fun everyone!

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