11 facts you didn’t know about condoms

11 facts you didn’t know about condoms

By Eva, 06.06.2019

TA condom is something very important when your private parts mean something to you, which you probably already knew. And that it will also help you from becoming a mother when the time is not right, is probably not something you missed either. But wait. There is more! Did you also know that…

#1… most condoms are bought by women? Hell yeah, we know that we are the ones who are most prepared in case ‘the moment’ happens.

#2…more than 4 million condoms are used worldwide? Quite bizarre that people still get STD’s, right?

#3… condoms with strawberry flavor are the most sold condoms? Alright, when we talk about flavored condoms, we are not surprised: isn’t strawberry flavor the best way to combine it with your lover’s natural taste?

#4…there are still enough people still using a condom machine? You can say it’s old school, but those machines still sell around 2 to 5 condoms a day. It can be very helpful when every supermarket nearby is closed and you’re in the mood for some sexy-time.

#5…most people get an STD between the ages of 15 and 30? Probably after a certain age people take care of their private parts more. Or they’ve just learned from their mistakes and make sure they keep it safe.

#6…condoms can be over their expiration date? So if you still have something in stock at home, you can keep them between 3 to 5 years. Keep that in mind, in case you’ll find some random thing somewhere around your bed.

#7…1 in 10 young adults are diagnosed with an STD before they turn 25? A bit shocking, right? So let’s make sure we tell our children how to protect themselves from these diseases by using a condom.

#8…a condom can handle around 4 liters of moisture? Wow, in that case, some sperm of your lover will close the deal.

#9…you have to change the condom after 15 minutes of sexy time? After a while the material can break or rip apart. We can imagine it’s a bit unsexy to have a break in the heat of the moment, but better be safe than sorry.

#10…becoming pregnant or getting an STD is probably the result of being clumsy in the bedroom? You don’t want to waste too much time while struggling with the condom on his penis, we got you. But when you’re in a rush, there is a chance the condom will end upside down, and what happens then will not be something nice. Old but gold: if the rubber doesn’t find his way on the penis smoothly, it won’t protect you from your biggest nightmares.

#11…there are condoms for vegans? So the fact that you skip any products from animals can never be an excuse for having unsafe sex. 

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