Scoop! Kaat Bollen will direct her own porna film!
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Scoop! Kaat Bollen will direct her own porna film!

By Sabine, 02.06.2016

The sexologist will direct her first porna film for Dusk TV in collaboration with Daring! Productions.

In the Netherlands Kaat Bollen is known for her (s)expert advise in the television program “Spuiten en Slikken.” In Belgium however, the talented sexologist has been praised for years. She’s both a psychologist and a sexologist and has written four books about her profession. Now she will also add “director” to her already impressive resume, as she’ll direct her first porna film ever for Dusk TV in collaboration with Daring! Productions. 

This wonderful news was announced during the Dusk Porna Awards 2016, where Zimra Geurts called her successor on stage after the premiere of her own porna film Playful Passion

The news made headlines in Belgium, because it’s the first time a porna film will be produced in this country. Based on experiences in her practice, sexologist Kaat Bollen feels there’s a need for porna in Belgium, as she often gives couples a porna DVD from her own collection to improve their sex life. 

Kaat is involved in every aspect of the production of her porna film. “I already know what the story will be and which locations I would like to use for my porna film. Yet, I think I’m mostly excited about casting the professional actors. I really want the men to be attractive and the women realistic, because it’s my goal to present diversity.” 

Production is planned for the end of the summer. The release date is set for fall 2016. 

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