By Janna, 26.10.2023

Nowadays, non-monogamy is becoming more common, usual and popular. It’s no longer considered strange to enter into an open relationship. Open relationships exist in all kinds of forms and of course everyone is free to organize their relationships the way they want. Those who choose to have an open relationship with their partner also bring others into the mix. Sometimes, this involves people who are in an open relationship themselves, but they can also be single. Some of these singles identify as solo-poly. 

Forever single

People who identify as solo-poly often make a conscious choice for this. ‘Ordinary singles’ sometimes also consciously choose to be single, but they often mean to stay single for just a short period. Like for an exchange period abroad or the first months after a break-up, when the choice to be single is a conscious one, with the idea that the single status is only temporary. People who feel solo-poly, often don’t feel the need to share their life with a partner. They don’t feel the urge to live together or, for example, open a shared bank account. What they do want is to feel love and make deeper connections with other people.

Why go for solo-poly

If you are a person who values independence, a solo-poly lifestyle might be just right for you. You take your own decisions about your home, vacations and what’s for dinner. You don’t have to take a partner into account and can also withdraw and take some time for yourself when you need it. At the same time, you do engage in meaningful relationships with other people or couples. So you do have the possibility to experience intimacy in a familiar and trusted setting. If you do like intimacy and want to make a deeper connection with people but not in a ‘traditional relationship’, solo-poly might be your thing.

Real connections 

If you’re looking for a solo-poly lifestyle, it’s important to consider your expectations and what kind of connections you hope to find. Communicate your wishes to the people you date and make sure they know that you do not aim to be in a ‘traditional relationship.’ If you have an open mind and meet people who are open to this type of relationship too, you can make really valuable connections which are certainly not inferior to that which our current society still labels as a ‘normal relationship’.

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