Sex during menstruation

Sex during menstruation

By Janna, 06.07.2023

Sex is part of life, to be enjoyed at all times, even during menstruation. Or rather, especially during menstruation. Although not all people are immediately keen on ‘sailing the red sea’, surprisingly enough, having sex during menstruation can bring various benefits. 

Benefits of sex during menstruation:

Reduced menstrual cramps: Endorphins, the so-called ‘happy hormones’, are released during sexual arousal. These hormones induce natural pain relief, so can help relieve menstrual cramps. Reaching orgasm can also relax the muscles in the uterus, which helps to relieve pain.

More intimacy and connection: During menstruation, sexual intimacy between partners can actually increase. Some people experience a sense of connection and trust when they open up to their partner, despite the natural bodily processes taking place. Communication and acceptance of each other’s needs can strengthen the bond between partners and deepen their relationship. The confirmation that they’re also considered attractive during their monthly period can be a very welcome reassurance to a lot of women.

Moister vagina: The use of tampons can cause vaginal dryness. Tampons are often filled with chemicals that are bad for vaginal health. On the other hand, sex is very good for the vagina. Provided that you’re aroused and maybe also use lube, penetration can reduce vaginal dryness. If the vagina is very irritated by tampons or something else, it’s better to postpone intercourse and give your vajayjay some rest instead.

No mess

If you and your partner do feel like having sex during ‘the red week‘, but getting blood on the sheets is just a bit too confrontational, using a menstrual disc might be something for you. A menstrual disc is a relatively new product that can be inserted during menstruation. Like a menstrual cup, the disc collects the blood. The big difference is that the disc can stay inserted in the vagina during penetration sex. So with this handy gadget you can get laid without any worries and keep your sheets nice and clean.

Do what feels good

Remember that you’re not obliged to do anything. Even if friends tell you that they also do it during menstruation, this doesn’t mean you should have sex during your period too. What feels good for one person, might not feel right for someone else. Listen to each other and to your body and be clear about what you do and do not like. Not everyone wants to have sex when they or their partner menstruates, and that is absolutely fine.

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