Why make-up sex is the best sex

Why make-up sex is the best sex

By Sabine, 23.07.2020

All relationships go through the famous lovers quarrels. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Having a fight from time to time is healthy. You know it was all worth it while enjoying the make-up sex after. This sex is A-MA-ZING and all the anger you felt before has been completely replaced by passion. Why is this make-up sex so darn hot? Let us tell you why! 

1.  Fighting is passion! 
You can’t help it…. He gets so ruggedly handsome when he’s angry. His hair gets all wild, and then the sexy frown, the veins on his arms. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife! If you are being really honest to yourself, the fight was just foreplay. 

2. It’s pure science 
Did you know feelings of love and hate can be measured in the same areas of the brain? That’s what scientists from the British University College found during a study. It says it all.

3. Can we be lovers again?
All the negative is out of your systems. You feel empty, longing for love again. After the fight you need the confirmation that all is well again. 

4. Up and down we go
The one moment you are screaming out of rage, the other moment your screams are of pleasure. The extreme switch in emotions will increase the impact of your climax even more. 

5. It’s like a drug
An American study showed that a couple longs for endorphins after a fight: the need to feel good again. An orgasm is the ultimate drug to make you feel happy again. 

6. Regret
To be honest, you kind of regret your behaviour. You let yourself go. It wasn’t really fair to take out all those old skeletons. And what’s a better way to make it up to your lover than to treat them on an orgasm….

7. Fear increases sexual longings 
Being scared increases the sexual tension. When you are in a fight with your partner the fear of abandonment arises. You temporarily lose the feeling your partner will stay with you ‘forever’, this creates a longing for your partner. Intimacy is something that binds people together. 

8. Making Up
It’s just like old times. The fight has left you a bit estranged. You have to put in the extra effort to make it up to your lover. They will try everything to make it up to you. Putting in the effort will really boost your sexlife! We’re not complaining.

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