The 7 funniest places for sex

The 7 funniest places for sex

By Janna, 04.01.2024

Sometimes you just want to add a little more thrill and adventure to your sex life. Being more original and creative with where you do it can certainly give you that. We’ll explore some unusual locations with you here, so let’s see how they can bring a little fun. These creative outbursts do take some guts though!

1. In an amusement park

For some people, the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster ride can be the perfect warm-up to an intimate moment. Imagine sitting in a dark rollercoaster with your partner and secretly adding a little extra spice to your amusement park experience. Of course this won’t go further than a bit of touchy feely, but it certainly brings on the heat. 

2. On the roof

And what to think of the roof of a building? It can be an exciting and unexpected place to make love, and provide the ultimate romantic setting under a starry sky. And if you want to avoid spectators, the tallest building around is probably your safest bet.

3. In a car

Of course car sex is a classic, and it’s often associated with teenage love. But it can still be an exciting and funny option long after your teenage years, especially if you choose a fun location together. But if you opt for a woodsy, scenic spot, beware of unexpected hikers and dog-walkers taking a sneak peek through the car windows!

4. In a fitting room

Trying on new clothes in a fitting room can be a great occasion for some secret moments. The fact that you’re in a public space, where people can get pretty close, automatically brings on the thrill. 

5. In a tree house

If you have access to a tree house, why not use it for an adventurous sexcapade high in the sky? Or go all out with a romantic picnic there too.

6. On an airplane 

Sex on your flight: the combination of the closed, limited space of an airplane cabin and the knowledge that you are literally above the clouds, can be pretty arousing. The cabin pressure also seems to intensify that feeling. High time to join the Mile High Club?

7. On a trampoline

A trampoline can be a hilarious, playful and unstable spot for intimacy. Though it can be a challenge to keep your balance and find a nice rhythm, the springy movement of a trampoline does offer some free extra stimulation during sex. Those up and downward movements can be pretty arousing and intensify your sensations, and your cheery playfulness is bound to bubble up too.

Well, enough craziness to knock yourselves out … the neighbors’ trampoline probably gets a whole new meaning now. Have fun!

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