Sex in water? Be sure to check out these facts!
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Sex in water? Be sure to check out these facts!

By Sabine, 06.09.2021

Having sex in a pool, a lake or the sea; it may be high up your bucket list. But it’s not as romantic or horny as Hollywood makes us believe it is. This is what you should prepare for when you’re about to dive into it!

It’s not sanitary

Okay, so, you won’t get sick and die immediately after, but the water carries various bacteria that can make you really sick. E.coli and Salmonella are known examples. Pools, hot tubs, but also lakes and rivers are filled with bacteria. Gynecologist Jennifer Wilder claims there’s a big chance those bacteria will end up in your vagina. When having sex those willl enter your body. Bacteria can reach your urethra increasing the risk of getting a bladder infection. The chlorine from a pool can give you a yeast infection, because it can irritate the PHvalue down there. 

Use lube!

You might think the water helps you to slide in and out. But it won’t. Sex in water may even be less nice because it’s not as smoothly as you are probably used to. Water washes away your own natural wetness, your vagina will be a lot dryer. Lube is the only way to make sure you will be slippery when wet. Be sure to check out which lube to buy,  because for sex in water you need silliconed base lube, the waterbased lube will wash off. 

Increasing chance to get STD’s

Using a condom under water is not an easy chore, changes are you will get STDs. Yeast infections also increase the chance of getting STDs. We advise you to put on the condom before you get into the water, or be sure your partner is tested before you get it on. 

Less grip

There’s less gravity in water. This will help you to lift your partner, but it also has some cons. Missionary position is not possible. Opt for a vertical position, like the mountain climber. Or keep it simple and get behind each other. Also be sure to realise it’s slippery all over, there’s less grip, don’t slip and get hurt! 

Only foreplay

Are you not feeling up to bringing special lube or doing different positions in the water? Opt to do foreplay only, because that’s easy to do in water. Just grab a buoy, something inflatable, or the edge of the pool and enjoy being orally pleasured. Anyone can do this, the water makes you float and your partner can grab your (lighter) legs. 

Sextoys in water?

Sextoys definitely help make things even sexier, also in water. There are so many toys out there that are waterproof, which makes them perfect to use together when choosing the water as your playing field. 

Don’t get caught

Are you still willing to have sex in water after reading our info? The last thing we would like to warn you about is getting caught. It may be really hot, having sex in a public place, but in some places it’s also illegal, you will be fined or arrested. So, when choosing a spot be sure to have some privacy. The pool in your own backyard would be perfect. Did you choose a public spot? Be sure to wait until the sun sets, that will be more romantic and chances are smaller you will get caught.

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