The best places to have sex when its cold
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The best places to have sex when its cold

By Sabine, 07.02.2022

Freezing cold and sparkling lights. Winter might not be the most sexy time of the year but it sure can be cozy and romantic. Curling up to the fire or getting steamy and sensational in the hot tub? We have found the best paces to have sex in wintertime just for you. 

1. In front of the fireplace

Seriously, how romantic is this! Making love in front of a crackling fireplace. Is there a better place you can be?

2. In the tub

It’s minus 100 outside, everything is covered in snow. Winter is ON. How delicious would it be to run a hot bath, fill it with lots of foam, and get it on together?

3. Nature’s way

Experiencing you in your most sexy lingerie will warm him up in no time. No need for a heater, hot bath or fireplace.

4. Paradise

Spending your winter on a tropical island might just be the best option for making sweet sweet love. On the beach, underneath a palm tree, a cocktail in reach, absolutely fabulous!

5. Car

You remember the car scene from the movie Titanic? The windows all steamed up, hand sticking to the glass. A perfect spot for sexy time moments in winter, we’re sure of it!

6. A cabin in the snow

Can you imagine an Austrian mountain cabin, in the middle of the snow. All the heaters on, four blankets, just go with the flow (in the snow).

7. Hot tub

It might be freezing outside, but when you’re in the tub, the hot water makes it super comfortable. A perfect spot to make love. Keep your body parts in the water as much as you can though!

8. Sauna

Good things come to those who sweat. The two of you, sweating it out together. Do we need to say more?

9. Public toilet

Oh, how we wished for that night on the town again! Go out, have fun and grab your partner with you into a stall. And just go for it. It’s hot and exciting. Definitely worth a try! 

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