How to have great sex in a car
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How to have great sex in a car

By Sabine, 03.12.2020

It might be on your bucket list, something you always wanted to do. Or maybe it’s the only place you can be together. Imagine Kate Winslet’s hand on the steamy window? Whatever reason you have for this kind of adventure, you will want to enjoy yourself and not be bothered with practicalities. Lucky for you we have the perfect tips for heaving great sex in a car!

  1. What to wear

Did you plan for this? Then take the time to consider your outfit. Wearing a dress or a skirt will make things easier. This way you don’t have to completely undress yourself and are still somewhat covered up when someone unexpectedly knocks on your window. Although there’s always the change you will rip each other’s clothes off in the heat of the moment…

  1. The right place 

Be sure to park your car in a quiet place. A place where chances are small you will meet other people. Avoid public places like schools and playgrounds. Finding a remote parking spot will almost always do the trick. The places you would normally avoid at night might be perfect for this, dark and distant.

  1. No peeping

Shut your engine off (of course), but make sure your lights inside and outside the car are off too. Make sure everything is off and closed. Apart from making the chance getting caught smaller, it will also assure you your battery won’t go dead. If you want to go all the way (pun intended) don’t forget to flip the mirrors so people won’t use them for peeping.

  1. Make it as comfortable as possible

Okay, so it won’t be very comfortable. That is part of the fun, right? There’s stuff you can do to make the setting more agreeable. You can start the session in the front seat, then move to the back seat to expand the sexual adventure. Make sure your car is cleaned up, free from crumbs and booster seats, and push your front seat as far up the front as possible, so you will have the extra space in the back. 

  1. The right position

You won’t have too much freedom of movement, so don’t plan on going for sexual circus acts. 

Choose the classic missionaire when having sex in the back seat, maybe put your legs around his neck. Or take charge and ride him in a reverse cowgirl. You can sit on him, in his lap, faced together. Or with your back to him so he can enjoy the sight of your bum. This is also a good option if you won’t make it to the backseat because you have already climbed him in the front seat. 

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