Erotic story: Heat in the kitchen
Erotic story

Erotic story: Heat in the kitchen

By Yentl, 09.03.2023

With a broad smile on his face, he looks at me. His gaze is fiery. It says enough, I know exactly what he’s up to. He playfully sucks his lower lip between his teeth, and lets it rest there for a moment. I laugh excitedly and watch how he rolls up the sleeves of his sweater. 

My fingers wander over the counter top. He smiles again when he notices the movement. He picks up his glass and takes a large sip of water. I hungrily watch the swallowing movement of his throat and, without really being aware of it, I swallow with him. He takes a step towards me, places my body between his and the counter and puts his glass down next to me with a loud bang. 

His gaze is penetrating. He places his thumb against my lower lip and gently pulls it down a little. I sigh in excitement. The air suddenly seems charged, like electricity. His hand slowly moves to my neck. He wraps his fingers around the back of my head and pulls me towards him.

His lips feel warm against mine and his tongue enters my mouth with determination. He playfully slides against my lips, into my mouth and then back down my neck. I lean back against the counter and slightly throw my head back. In no time, his hands push up my top, exposing my breasts. He kneads them, kisses them, bites my nipples and licks my skin. 

My breasts start to tingle under his touch. I’m very hot and desire crackles through my body. In response, I start tugging at the edge of my skirt. He looks at me heatedly, pulls down my skirt and throws it somewhere in the corner. He places his fingertips in the crotch of my tights and rips them apart. My startled scream echoes through the kitchen. 

He growls and admires my most sensitive spot. Looking at it as if he’s ready to attack. He lifts me up with ease and carries me to the dining table. My feet barely touch the floor when he starts kissing me heavily again. 

‘Fuck,’ he mumbles against my lips. ‘Turn around.’

I turn around obediently and rest my upper body on the table. He hooks his finger under the back of my thong and pulls the piece of fabric from between my butt cheeks and moves his finger back and forth. For a moment, he pulls up the fabric, causing it to rub along my labia. My breathing speeds up immediately. He pulls my thong to the side and I feel my tights ripping even further apart. 

‘I see that you’re already wet.’ His voice is deep and controlled. 

I nod softly, ‘Uhuh.’ 

He slaps my butt hard, presses his thumb against my rear and lets it slide down. Carefully spreading out my wetness. With his free hand, he fiddles with the edge of my pants, trying to lower them. I wrap my hands around the edge of the dining table for support. 

He carefully places his hand on the back of my right knee and puts my leg on the dining table. I feel his hard-on sliding through my heat a few times. With his flat hand, he gives my clit a few maddening taps. The tension makes me whimper. He grabs his boner, positions himself and thrusts inside of me. A loud moan escapes my mouth. 

‘You’re so tight,’ he moans to the rhythm of his thrusts. 

He places his thumb against my rear again and pushes it in. He’s got complete control over me. I can’t move. My nipples softly rub against the wood of the table and I intensely enjoy the hold he has on me. His free hand takes hold of my hair and he pulls it hard. He keeps surprising me with his dominant side. The feeling of his thumb inside of me, how he slides back and forth. This is pure pleasure. 

Just when I’m about to close my eyes, he withdraws. He pulls me up by my hair, until I’m standing upright again. With a jerk, he spins me around and pushes my butt against the edge of the table. I let my hands wander down between us and grab his cock. With firm strokes I start jerking him off, as our tongues are wrestling together.

Again, he lifts me up. He places my butt right on the edge of the table and I lean back on my elbows. My top is still rolled-up above my breasts, and he takes one of my nipples in his mouth. His fingers are driving me crazy, working on my clit. I moan uncontrollably as I’m kind of losing it. 

He smiles proudly and pushes his manhood back inside of me. When he leaves my clit alone for a moment, I see the swollen knob he left behind. I instantly feel a sense of loss. I try to move my hand towards my clit again, but it feels impossible to stay upright. His hand tightens around my throat and I look at him with wide eyes. 

He’s getting rough with me and I love it. My hips are automatically swaying and he presses his forehead against mine. Panting, he begins to curse. His breath feels warm against my lips. 

‘Come,’ I sigh with the last bit of strength I have left. 

He lets go of my throat, stands up straight and gives me another hard slap on my clit before he grabs my legs and starts thrusting harder. 

The veins on his forearms are a sight to see. So powerful. While we move, the bottom of his sweater occasionally tickles my clit. Leaving a wet edge. I look at him, my mouth open in rapture. He firmly grips my clit and immediately I feel that edge of pain and pleasure. I start massaging my breast. 

‘You. Are. So. Hot,’ I groan as he keeps pounding into me hard.

His thrusts get faster and harder and his breathing seems to be out of control. Then he starts swearing very loudly. He withdraws and jerks off above my breasts. Just until he sprays over them in wavy movements. His semen feels warm on my breasts and I can even feel it in my neck. I smile, run my finger through it and then lick it off. 

He chuckles, looks at what he’s done and then buries his face between my legs. He licks my swollen clit with dedication. It only takes a few seconds before I reach my climax. With convulsing movements, I come. He looks up to me proudly and meets my eyes. He gives a few more soft kisses, then he stands up and taps my right breast. 

‘You look a mess. Come take a shower with me?,’ he asks as he spreads his semen along my nipples.

He raises his eyebrows to express he’s waiting for my response. 

‘Sounds good,’ I reply.

I get up from the table and glance at the ripped tights. No harm done.

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