What matters most in a relationship?

What matters most in a relationship?

By Eva, 06.12.2021

Being single for a while can get a bit dull. But being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re in seventh heaven all the time. It sometimes seems like an effortless adventure, but there are times you just like to shut your partner up and stick it to them. 

Are you one to check the relationship balance on a regular basis? Make a list of all the pros and cons of being in a relationship with your partner? Or do you go with the emotional flow and let yourself drown in their beautiful eyes in one moment and smash all the plates in rage the other? 

We completely understand both approaches. A relationship takes work, you really need to invest in it. We love to help you out with our blog: 

Six ingredients for a good relationship

15 spoons of mutual respect

Respect can be a vague concept, but we all agree you shouldn’t cross somebody’s boundaries. Just like you should guard your own. If anyone says no, it’s no. If your partner says he’d rather stay at home to watch the game than join you for a walk, they want to stay home and watch the game. You will have to respect that wish. You can react as a small child and nag until they cave, but you know as well as we do this will end in a fight. But well, sometimes that fight can end up in hot makeupsex!  

A gallon of sex 

Sex together. Passionate sex with your lover when you are both really into it. That’s magical. Try to get completely relaxed and when your lust is awakened you can make love until the morning comes. What to do? Start by wearing your best lingerie and have your sex toy at armlenght, turn up the heat and enjoy! Stuck in a sex rut? What about some exciting roleplay? 

A splash of massage (oil) 

What about a lovely massage? Spoil each other, love each other tenderly. Take your time and plan it when both of your schedules are completely free. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing, or a weekly thing even, but be sure to take the time for it. Only if it feels good for the both of you of course.

50 ounces of hugs 

Holding each other really tight, giving each other a good hug helps to bring the blood pressure down and calms you down. And makes you happier! So, that’s not just good for your relationship with each other, but also for those around you. Is your lover feeling blue, or not, hold each other! Day or night, it’s always time for a hug. 

3 dashes of acceptation

Nobody is perfect. You should accept your lover’s less favorite qualities. Do you hate it if they leave stuff lying around the house ? They might be stressed out because of your extreme tidiness. Talk about it! Take everything into account. Find a common ground somewhere in the middle. Count to ten when you come home from work and the house is a mess. Your partner will do their best to clean up more. But sometimes they just don’t see it the way you do. Try to accept each other. 

7 drops of honesty 

Honesty will take a long way but you will earn the most needed respect. Some situations call for white lies though. So when they ask you “Does this pants make me look fat?” you answer “Oh honey, you look good in everything!” And mean it! Even if the buttons on the shirt are almost popping out. 

We hope you enjoy each other!

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