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The anal orgasm: myth or must try?

Anal sex: some women swear by it, others look upon it in horror. Maybe it’s just not something for everyone to enjoy, but the taboos surrounding it keep a lot of women too scared to even try. Even when it’s a fact that women can have an anal orgasm! We will tell you how.

The anal orgasm

Is it a myth or a must try? The answer: a bit of both. All orgasms women have are clitoral. But your clit is not just the button in the front, it runs all up inside the abdominal wall. This means your clit can be stimulated from several places! Like when you are vaginally penetrated, but also when you are anally penetrated. 

What helps

Nine out of ten times the anal orgasm is accompanied by the stimulation of other spots, like the clit or the vagina. If you have anal sex your clitoral orgasm will be more intens and the chance you have one is much bigger too. That is why it is called an anal orgasm.

The anus is a very sensitive place because several nerves are assembled here. Your clit and the wall of your vagina will be stimulated by the contractions of the pelvic muscles during the penetration. 

For most people anal sex is someting to help them come, more than it’s the main cause of their orgasm. But there are women who seem to climax on anal penetration alone. 

How to reach that anal orgasm

You can reach an anal orgasm by rimming, stimulating your anus with the tongue. Of course you can also penetrate the anus with a penis, or with a special toy. What is most important is to use lots of lube! Your vagina gets wet when aroused, but the anus doesn’t produce its own lube. If you don’t use any, it will not go so smoothly and you can forget about that happy end. 

It is possible for you to have an anal orgasm, with or without any other stimulation. You will find out if you are one of the few that will climax from anal penetration alone. Explore and find out! 

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