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Slippery When Wet

Enjoy and read Slippery When Wet

One of our most recent erotic stories is from erotic author Victoria Hawk. This story is called ‘’Slippery When Wet’’. This sensual story is about a woman who has just finished a hot workout. She steps into the shower, but at that moment her husband decides to also take a shower. This ends in delicious wet sex! Great female porn to read.

Eyes Wide Open series

Enjoy and read Eyes Wide Open

In this series we read about a woman’s who’s having an erotic journey into the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission). A fantastic sex story to read and also very educational. Discover what it is like to experience BDSM as a woman and how much you can enjoy it. Read part 1 here >

The World Through His Eyes

Geniet nu van The World Through His Eyes

We also understand that some women are curious about what it is like to be a man and how a man experiences sex. But what if you wake up one day and you realize you have a male body? How will you react if you suddenly notice that you have a penis? This erotic story of Victoria Hawk will explain it perfectly. Read in this sex story how a woman experiences the erotic thoughts of a man and how it feels to be a man. Click here for part 1 >

The Strongest Shape series

Enjoy and read ‘’The Strongest Shape series’’

This sex story is one of the very first series of erotic stories that Victoria Hawk wrote for DUSK magazine. A great serie that has 9 episodes to read and to enjoy. This story is about a couple who after a few years decide to open their relationship to other people. The series is about Alfred and Karen. At some point they go on a date with the young Rebekka. From that moment, their whole relationship changes… Don’t wait any longer, read part 1 now!

Midnight Sex

Enjoy and read ‘’Midnight Sex’’

This wonderful story is also written by our beloved Victoria Hawk. What makes Victoria Hawk’s stories so unique are the words that are written in a unique way. As a reader you immediately become enthusiastic after reading the introduction. This story is about a woman that is dreaming about being a superhero who saves a poor guy from a group of angry heavy-handed men. When she saved him, they immediately kissed and she immediately got wet and horny. A beautiful story about an independent woman who realizes after the dream that she is very happy with the man who lies next to her. Curious about how this story ends? Read it now!

rom Dusk Till Dawn: Victoria Puppy & Neeo
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