The sun is shining and the temperature is perfect for spending your days outside. Is it your thing to take long walks in the park or the woods? We don’t have to tell you that these are the perfect spots to enjoy each other sexually too! If the birds and the bees are having so much fun outside, why aren’t you?

The possibilities are endless

Parks are the best when it comes to spontaneous quickies. There are lots of sheltered spots to find. The best time for this adventure is at night, you don’t want to risk the chance of being caught by children after all!  Another great benefit of having outside sex in a park is that you can plan a whole date around it. Bring a picnic blanket, some appetizers, a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset together. Start your date off by kissing and hugging. You don’t have to worry about weird looks because nowadays everybody is having their date in the park. You are just one of the many lovestruck couples having a great time.

Strolling the woods is also a very romantic option. There are many sneaky paths that will lead you to private spots. Please mind the branches, stinging nettles and ofcourse bugs. If you choose to have sex in the woods we advise you to do this in the late afternoon. It will still be sunny and warm enough. We can’t advise you enough to choose a private spot.

And then there is the beach!  So, of course it’s not possible to do it ón the beach, it will be very hard to find a sheltered spot there. The perfect spot here is to find in the dunes. There are lots of small hills and coves that are perfect to roll around in. There are also enough plants and bushes that will keep you sheltered. We do think doing it in the dunes is also a risky business, because there will be a lot of children and dogs running around. But if you manage to find the perfect sheltered spot and are willing to take the risk it can be a delicious adventure. After, you can cool off in the ocean or have a cold drink in a beach bar.

What if you get caught?

The chance of being caught having outdoor sex is very hot and exciting. But it is tricky too. Outdoor sex is prohibited by law. You can’t have sex in public transportation, at places where people under the age of 16 have acces to and at places were people don’t appreciate it. If you do, you will be guilty of the violation of chastity. The punishments differ, but you can count on a fine up to €4050 or even three months in jail. That is nothing to joke about.

Different areas and countries have different rules and regulations on outside sex: before you go out and have fun, please check what the law says in that area or country. 

In a lot of cases judges will be relaxed about it, but we advise you to be careful. Don’t bring a lot of stuff, and wear easy clothes so you can undress and dress very quickly when people are getting close, then just pretend nothing is going on!