With these tips you can bring some heat into the bedroom tonight
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With these tips you can bring some heat into the bedroom tonight

By Janna, 30.01.2023

We can’t get around it anymore, this is definitely the season of dark and cold evenings. So it’s high time to ignite that inner fire and bring higher temperatures to the bedroom at least. Will you follow the tips below? In that case, you’re guaranteed to give your lover, and yourself, a hot evening!


Warm each other up during the day. Nothing’s as exiting and thrilling as anticipation about what’s going to happen once you get home. Send your lover a naughty message at work, or maybe even a few. Tell what you’re in the mood for and what you’d do if you were together right now. Go for a slow build-up. Sending a half-nude straight away can be fun, but of course it’s much more exciting to slowly drive each other crazy!


Chances are your lover even finds you attractive in a garbage bag, but let’s face it

 … there are way hotter outfits out there. For example, put on that one lingerie set you always score with. We bet it makes you feel sexy too!


Does your partner have a long-cherished fantasy? Then now is the time to make that fantasy come true! Just put on that slutty nurse outfit. Maybe you’ll be surprised by how thrilling role-playing can be. 

Set the mood

Ambiance is important! Sexy in fluorescent lighting? Now that rarely happens, right? It’s better to set the mood with candles, put on some nice background music, spray some nice and sensual perfume around and poor a glass of wine for both of you. Or another drink you prefer. If a large glass of tomato juice turns you on, of course that’s perfectly fine. 

A little bit of naughty

To make sure tonight is different from your regular romp, you can pull out a few exciting attributes. For example, take a tie or cloth to blindfold your lover, take out the handcuffs again. Completely surrender or take charge, whatever tickles your fancy! 


You might be reading all this thinking: seems fun, but I’m already on my way home! No worries… when you get home, just get your favorite toy, put on that sultry music and light those mood candles. If your lover catches you in an elaborate solo session when coming home, chances of you finishing the session alone are probably very small 😉

Enjoy your evening! 

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