What your favorite part of foreplay says about you
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What your favorite part of foreplay says about you

By Sabine, 31.05.2021

When you think about foreplay things come to mind, probably the same things, your favorite things. You know what you like, and you know what your partner likes. But what does your favorite play-avant say about you? 


Are you starting the game even before you are physically together? You’ve got guts! Sexting while still at work is very challenging and you know it will turn your partner on. You have nothing to lose and words just seem to come to you. Your determination will help you fantasize about what’s happening tonight! 


Are you one to turn your partner wild by whispering words during dinner or during a night of binge watching: you are the challenging type. Talking on the phone is just boring. No only the real thing for you. You keep surprising your partner with your creative word choice, there are no boundaries! You like to shock and be in control. 


Nothing too crazy, but very romantic! You are the best hugger in the world and intimacy is your keyword. You want to connect with your partner and love to be in their aura and be really into them. You love to make love in warm places, cold turns you off. You are patient and like to build up to the sex. 


You love to start things off with touching and fondling. Discover each other’s bodies. Feel every spot of their body before you start the real thing. You also love it when you are being touched and fondled. You are a curious type and are open to learning. You realise everybody is unique and are super into discovering all the sensitive spots of your bed partner! 


A classic for a reason. You are not afraid to exchange a few germs, but are one to play it safe anyway. During the kissing fase you can still decide not to go all the way, or decide you do… Kissing helps you to test out your potential partner. You just can’t believe the people who don’t like to kiss, for you this is a huge turn on. Kissing is your gateway to sex. 

Playing footsie

You like to wait and see and love it when the other takes control. But you can’t escape the inevitable: a sit-and-talk won’t get you there! If you want to let them know that you are open for more, you can be subtle and play a bit of footsie and hope they reciproke the rubbing. Or maybe even take over. In bed you are submissive and loving it!


Rules are there for a reason is what you always say. You know exactly who you are, what you like and what your talents are: giving handjobs. You like to do it your way, new things tend to scare you, and why change a winning team? Your partners might not agree with you. Be open to other things and lose control a little!

Oral sex

While oral sex is part of the next step, it can also be a great part of foreplay. Well, for you it is the perfect way to start! You are very enthusiastic and love to try lots of crazy stuff. If you do something you go in full throttle, more than a 100% and your bedpartners will love this! You are exuberant and know how to give the perfect blowjob. Please don’t forget to recieve delicious sex too!

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