With these tips sexting will be absolutely amazing
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With these tips sexting will be absolutely amazing

By Eva, 04.07.2019

Making a sexy photo or sending a spicy text about whatever you like to do when you are finally together: sexting is hot.
You’ve probably done it yourself, but how can you make sure that you get the most out of sexy texting?

When you’re just friends with benefits with that handsome guy or whenever you are in a long-term relationship: playing dirty talk is just really thrilling. Sexting does also contain sending those sexy photo’s to eachother via app or social media and introducing your lover in a teasing way to certain parts of your body. Or you let go of all the control and present him the hot stuff you are proud of the most. Well: here are some useful tips to let go of everything and enjoy some interesting sexting.

Let it go

To start with texting, it will make things easier if you’re not too focused on how your sexy text will affect him. Don’t think about whether it’s stupid or not, whatever you are sending him, just let him know what you desire on that certain moment. He will certainly find it really thrilling if you just let go of most of your boundaries.

Especially if you do know him for a long time, there must be some trust between the two of you. Just say what you like him to do. So, if your biggest desire is that your lover rips off that new underwear of your body tonight, there is only one thing you’ve got to do… Yes, please!

Pictures please

We probably don’t have to tell you this anymore, but men are just very visual in general. Of course, you can decide to show the front of your boobs on that photo you’ll send him, but it can also be very tempting to show only a small part of the girls. Your man’s fantasy will absolutely drive him crazy when you do this. He is guaranteed to spend the rest of the day thinking about WHAT WILL happen when the two of you are alone.

Use your fantasy

Messages about what will happen if the two of you reunite can be absolutely teasing, but when it comes to texting, it is totally okay to use your fantasy. Just think out of the box and show him what you are doing with yourself while he’s at his work. Yes, that can be literally, or give him hints about what you’re doing with your hands. Send him a picture while you are relaxing in his bed, and he will definitely be joining you that night. Whether you are together for many years, or if the two of you are just discovering each other: he will definitely lose his mind.

Be careful

So, sexting can spice up your love life, but unfortunately, there are some things you have to be careful with. Although spreading sexy photos of young adults is forbidden, those rules don’t count for grownups. You will not be very happy if that sexy photo – which was only meant for your lover or fuckbuddy – will be visible for the rest of the world. Make sure some typical parts of your body aren’t on that sexy photo, like that typical tattoo or spot on your hip.

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