This is why anal sex feel so great
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This is why anal sex feel so great

By Sabine, 07.06.2021

Opinions on anal sex may vary. Some people love it, other people think it’s painful or that it’s simply not hygenic. But when you get the hang of it and realise this is something to enjoy, this could be your next favorite thing! We’ll tell you why. 

What is anal sex?

You probably know what we’re talking about. But to be sure we’ll tell you anyway. With anal sex the anus is penetrated by the penis or with an anal toy. You might think this is for men only, but in that case you’re wrong. It’s something to be enjoyed by women too. Before you go at it we would like you to know that you have to have safe sex, in order to prevent getting and spreading STD’s. 

Why does receiving feel good to men?

It feels so good because the toy or the penis is tilted a bit, against the prostate (that produces sperm). The prostate is just about the size of a walnut and can be massaged into an orgasm! The whole area is filled with sensitive nerve endings and that is why rimming is so nice (rimming is licking the anus).

Why does giving feel good to men?

Some men are totally NOT into doing it in the anus. But there are a lot of men that are keen on hitting it from the back. Especially since the anus often is tighter than the vagina. It will stimulate the penis more. So that’s the physical part, the mental part is important too. Anal sex is often percieved as something exciting, naughty or forbidden, thats why it’s extra thrilling and hot. Just like some people experience excitement when having sex in public places. 

Why does receiving feel good for women? 

A lot of people think that the anus offers no pleasure, unlike the vagina. But they are wrong. It can feel really good even when you don’t have a prostate. The anus is filled with blood vessels and nerve endings: super sensitive stuff. Playing with the anus is an erotic act among women for a good reason. And you know what? A study revealed that 94% of the women who had anal sex climaxed. Seriously. It’s worth a try.

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