The warmest positions for cold winter evenings
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The warmest positions for cold winter evenings

By Janna, 19.12.2022

Okay, we really can’t ignore it anymore. It’s cold … Winter is approaching and it’s time get the wool socks out of the closet again. Not very sexy, but we totally understand if, instead of taking your clothes off, you prefer to put on as much clothing as possible right now. It’s freezing!  To get in the mood in this weather too, we have listed the best and warmest positions for you. Now, put that electric blanket aside, light the candles and get out that naughty lingerie set again because the temperature in the bedroom, or any room for that matter, will be going up again!


This might not sound very hot and exciting and maybe even a little vanilla, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! No hassle, no fuss. It’s intimate and we guarantee you that you will both get hot. Your bodies are constantly touching each other, rubbing against each other, you’re looking at each other with smoldering eyes, and you’re kissing fiercely. Every now and then you whisper dirty words in each other’s ear. Like we said, nothing wrong with that!


This position is truly winter-proof! Imagine this; you’ve just crawled into bed and have warmed up your side of the bed rather nicely. It’s given you enough shivers already and you’ve been playing footsie with yourself for more than half an hour to finally reach this comfortable temperature. Does your partner think that he can use your heat with his ice-cold body and is he also intent on having sex? Don’t panic, you can spoon in your sleep together, but it’s also recommended for having good sex. You can stay in your warm spot this way, he can join you and you will both be hot in no-time.


Tuck your heads under the sheets and spoil each other down under. Choose to lie on top of each other or warmly against each other on your sides. Wanna bet you will be gasping for breath in no time?

On top

Do you prefer to be in control? Then crawl on top, but make it somewhere other than in the bedroom. When you do this in bed, we understand that you will get goosebumps all over while he is bundled-up nice and warm. We’ve been there. But try crawling on top while you are sitting on the couch together under your favorite warm cozy blanket. That warm blanket might as well hang over your shoulders. That way you are in control and neither of you will be cold! Not to mention that your bodies are rubbing warmly against each other. Do you see all the benefits too?


Against the counter top, on the kitchen table, against the wall… It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re standing close to each other. A guaranteed way to keep each other warm. Just the challenge itself will generate enough heat!

So, more than enough options to get you warmed-up! Next to these nice positions, you can of course also choose to hop in the shower together, or take a warm bath. Winter really isn’t that bad after all.

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