Spanking: What you want to know and how to go about it
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Spanking: What you want to know and how to go about it

By Sabine, 07.11.2022

Up for a new erotic challenge? Then spanking might be something worth trying. A sounding slap on the butt; a good spanking. If you think spanking only belongs to the world of BDSM, you are wrong. Spanking is more common nowadays. And not without reason. Spanking can be very thrilling. The pain of a slap releases endorphins in the brain bringing on a natural high. The pain is accompanied by arousal, which can generate an intense orgasm! A little pain is good, right? 

First things first

Firmly slapping your lover on the butt out of the blue to start your spanking adventure is not recommended. Make sure you talk about it first. Discuss which body parts can be spanked and choose a stop word together. Take things easy at first. Do not start slapping around like crazy, but do it carefully. It does not have to be soft, but you do not want it to be extremely painful for your lover. Just experiment and keep communicating about it. Continuing after a stop word is an absolute no-go! 

Basic tips

Always use your hands first and get some experience before switching to toys. Keep your hand cupped (with your fingers together) and spank in an upward motion. Keep at least three seconds between every slap and stroke the slapped parts for softening. Keep varying the pressure, hardness and location. Pay attention to your lover’s responses. And we cannot stress this enough: stop immediately when one of you uses the stop word!

The best spanking spots

Now that you have taken in the basics, it is important to know which spots on the body are most enjoyable to spank. We probably do not have to tell you that being spanked in the face, neck, lower back or spine does not feel good. Fortunately, these are not the body parts that come to mind first in general when you think about spanking. Also toes and fingers usually do not find it a pleasant feeling. But what are the best spots? Buttocks are the most used spank spots of the body. The percentage of fat is higher in the buttocks than in any other part of the body, and this brings the best experience. So focus on the buttocks, just below them and on the top part of the upper legs. Do you want to move away from the buttocks for a change? Go for the thighs or the inside of the upper legs. 


Are you a bit more advanced in the world of spanking and want to add a touch more? Choose something fun from the many toys on the market to bring your spanking experience to a next level. Paddles for example are a good alternative for your hand and you can purchase a tickler to playfully stroke the spanked body surface. When you are ready for it, you can further explore the world of spanking at your own pace. 

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