The P-spot
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The P-spot

By Janna, 06.11.2023

It’s pretty well-known now that people have a number of erogenous zones. We’ve already discussed before the various kinds of orgasms women can have, but there are also several hot ways for men to reach climax. Though not everyone’s open to it, stimulation of the P-spot, or prostate, can feel very good and also lead to explosive orgasms.

Straight men

Some people may think that only gay men enjoy P-spot stimulation. Fortunately, this is not the case, as this wonderful spot can be enjoyed by anyone with a prostate. Yes, it’s true that you can stimulate the prostate via the anus, but this doesn’t mean it’s only an option for men who have sex with men. You can use fingers and toys to stimulate the P-spot with yourself or your partner and plenty of women are open to try this with their male partner.


You can stimulate the prostate via the anus. But if you don’t really like this idea, instead, you can put pressure on the spot between the balls and anus, called the perineum. By putting pressure on the perineum, you can indirectly stimulate the P-spot. Some people like to be licked there as well. It can also be pleasurable to put pressure on the perineum while giving a blowjob or hand-job. 

Stimulation via the anus

If you want to stimulate the P-spot via the anus, you can use toys, fingers or a penis. It’s easiest to locate the P-spot with your fingers, so that’s probably the best option for beginners. Always use plenty of lubricant when you penetrate an anus, also if you use only one finger. Take your time to go in gently and assure a clear communicate with your partner on what feels right. Use your finger to look for a ball the size of a walnut. If the penis is hard, the prostate is hard too, so it’s easily recognizable that way.

P-spot orgasm

People can climax just by prostate stimulation. If you know that you or your partner enjoy(s) P-spot stimulation, it can be fun to explore together or alone whether you can also reach climax by P-spot stimulation. Unfortunately, climaxing this way is not feasible for everyone, but it’s certainly worth experimenting with. Even if it doesn’t lead to climax by itself, P-spot stimulation combined with hand-jobs, blowjobs or penetration sex does make for extra intense orgasms.

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