The best 5 sex positions when using a buttplug
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The best 5 sex positions when using a buttplug

By Sabine, 21.03.2022

‘Taking the back door’, you either love it or hate it. If this is totally your thing there are a lot of toys to try out, for example the buttplug. This article will tell you everything you need to know about using a buttplug. And which sex positions are the best when using one. 

Why use a buttplug?

A buttplug will give extra anal stimulation in the most delicious way. When you climax your pelvic muscles will tighten. The muscles around your anus will tighten too and your climax will be a lot more intense. And also a great effect: the use of a buttplug will make the vagina smaller, making it a lot tighter around the penis. 


The buttplug is avalable in all sizes and shapes. There are small plugs and large plugs. You can even buy sets with different sizes so you can get used to them or build up to a larger one. There are vibrating plugs, which some like, others don’t. Enough plugs to experiment with! Plugs can be worn by men and women. Preferences tend to differ. 

First time user?

Start off with a small one. If you like it you can slowly build up the size. A plug is not just for enjoyment only, you can also use it to prepare yourself for anal sex. Whatever the purpose, use a lot of lube when using a buttplug. There’s no natural lube and the skin is very sensitive and easily damaged

Important: Only use a buttplug to explore your behind, not just a sex toy. A buttplug is created with a special ‘holds’ which will refrain the plug from getting lost in your anus. It has happened before, the hospitals are familiar with finding stuff that got lost in the behinds of people. Just saying. 

5 positions

These positions will help make the use of the plug even more delicious!


There’s no surprise here! Doggystyle belongs in the top 5 of each good sexposition, even when there are no toys involved. It’s not only a great view for the guy, it will tighten the vagina and help stimulate the G-spot. Horny, right?

Lazy doggystyle

Are you willing to try a plug but is doggy style too much? Why don’t you try the lazy variant. The woman lies flat on her stomach, with a pillow placed under her pelvis. Her ass is lifted a bit so it will be easier to penetrate. 


The best thing about this positions is that your can have eyecontact during the whole sexual experience. That is so hot. Another big plus: there will be hands free to stimulate other parts, like the clit. By him or her. Climax guaranteed! 

Reverse cowgirl

Take control! This position will be extra hot for the man because his view will be fenomenal. The woman is on top of him, her back turned to his face. He just has to lie down and enjoy!  You can put him to work of course, his hands will be free to operate the buttplug, maybe pushing it in a bit more to give a fuller feeling. It is also a great position for the man to wear a buttplug! Just lay back and relax, gentlemen! 


Whether you are giving oral pleasure or getting it, it feels great wearing a buttplug during. It will create double stimulation for the receiver. If you are the giver in this scenario, it is also very hot to be stimulated by a (vibrating) plug.

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