Stuck in a rut? This is how you upgrade your sexlife!
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Stuck in a rut? This is how you upgrade your sexlife!

By Sabine, 21.06.2021

A lot of couples experience it: it doesn’t matter how steamy the sex was in the start,  eventually sex becomes a routine. It’s still great, but the ‘wow-effect’ is just gone. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some great ideas to try out with your partner. Maybe you will find the key for that next level sex experience. 


Sextoys are perfect to help enjoy sex (even more). A vibrator can help stimulate the clitoris during penetration. But there are also so-called couple toys to use together. Is your man’s stamina not what it used to be? You might want to try a cock ring! This ring goes around his penis and is used for three purposes: enlarge and harden his erection, lasting longer while delaying the climax. 

Change direction

Anal sex might not be your thing but if it’s something you haven’t tried yet it might be interesting to consider it. Anal sex will give you an explosive orgasm. A lot of women won’t give it a try because they think it has no (positive) effect on their sex experience, but they are wrong. The clitoris is not just that little button on the front, it stretches out around your vagina and anus. This means that anal penetration can really be pleasant. 

If you want to go for that explosive orgasm you might want to try double stimulation, by both stimulating your vagina and your clit. Build up to this, don’t just dive right in. Use lots of lube and be very relaxed and even more horny. 

Back to nature 

Having sex outside will give you a bit more (or a lot more) excitement, and that’s just what you have been missing. Feel like you’re a giggling teenager again while the adrenaline rushes through your veins. Pick a spot where you’re not likely to get caught. Somewhere sheltered in the woods, or the dunes, or in a car. Maybe doing it in your own garden will be exciting enough. 

Swing away

Do you really want to go all the way out-of-the-box? Consider swinging! It means you give each other permission to have sex with another person. Not like partner swapping, where love may be involved. Swinging is just about the physical part. It is definitely a way of creating more excitement

You might opt for a soft- swap, where you both make out with another couple, there will be no penetration. Or go for the full-swap and have sex with another couple. Trust is key. It is also recommended to talk about boundaries, rules, and be clear about the arrangement. 

One thing is for sure: you won’t be stuck in a rut for a long time!

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