Solo positions for women

Solo positions for women

By Janna, 29.05.2023

Have you run out of ideas on how to make your solo session a bit more exciting? Do you have a go-to position or toy, but are you up for trying something different? Take some me-time to explore! Cause how could you know if you like something if you’ve never tried it yet? With these additional tips, you can add some immediate extra spice to your self-love moments.

The shower head

You may have tried it already, or secretly thought about trying it, but you can have a good time with your shower head! Make yourself comfortable and sit in the bathtub, or in the shower if you don’t have a bath, hold the shower head in a position aiming that water jet at your clit. If the shower head has this functionality, you can also play with the intensity of the jet! You’re welcome

Your hands 

This may sound very obvious, but still… during masturbation you sometimes forget that your hands can feel pretty nice too. So, instead of your favorite toy, use your hands and fingers again! One hand can spoil your clit while you let your other hand circle around your opening from behind. Intensity incoming!


Don’t care for cramped fingers? Then we recommend using toys and not to be afraid to invest in them. It will really be worth it! It’s a well-spent gift to yourself to buy a number of different toys with varying functions and vibration modes.

In front of the mirror

Step out of your comfort zone and sit in front of the mirror to watch yourself while you play. See how your body reacts to your own touch. Look into your eyes and just let all your facial expressions go. There is no shame in being aroused, in fact, watching yourself might even get you more turned-on! 


Do you have a dildo with a suction cup? Stick it on a chair, against the wall, or on the floor. Go sit on it and move back and forth and up and down. It’s a nice extra that you have your hands free this way to do with whatever you like! Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. In your dreams, maybe you’re riding a famous actor or a forbidden love.


As mentioned before: experiment, get creative. Discover what turns you on most and how you can bring yourself to climax in the most delicious ways. Once you know this, you’ve paved the way to experiencing this more easily with a partner too!

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