Why facesitting should be on your bucket list
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Why facesitting should be on your bucket list

By Sabine, 14.04.2022

You must have heard about facesitting, right? But did you know it is also called ‘queening’? The why is a bit obvious; the woman is sitting on her throne – the face of her lover. But it’s more than just ‘sitting down’ on someone’s face. There’s more to it! First, you can’t just sit down on someone’s face and put your full weight in it. Your lover still needs to be able to breath. Unless a bit of VGG suffocation is their thing of course. By leaning in their face, instead of really sitting down, it’s not only a great workout for your thighs, you will be in absolute control. 

How to 

The woman is not really sitting on the partner’s face, but kneels into it or hovers above.

A real workout! You can choose to be facing your lover’s toes, or turn your back to them. This way your lover will have more space to really spoil you. With just the right amount of luck and positioning their nose will rub your clit in the nicest way. This is really up to the woman on top, she’s in control. We don’t need to tell you this is one of the quickest ways for a woman to climax. Is there a bigger plus? 

Their benefits

The woman is not the only one who benefits from facesitting. The lover will also experience benefits. First of all, it’s a very relaxed position, lying down. They don’t have to tilt up their neck like with the other oral positions. And their hands are free to grab and touch other body parts. And what about their view? How hot is the image of you sitting on them? Enough benefits right?

Not like 69

Facesitting is all about the queen and unlike position 69 there will be one person that is orally pleasured. If you are fit and lean enough you could switch positions and let them dangle it above your face. As a matter of speaking. This way he will control the pace. It doesn’t matter how you’re positioned, but facesitting really is a must try!  It might even be your new favorite position and a welcome addition to your bedroom routine. 

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