Partners of different height
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Partners of different height

By Janna, 14.08.2023

In mainstream media, it is the norm for men to be taller than their female partner. With same-sex couples, you often see that they are more or less of the same height. But what if it thrills you to have a partner who is a lot taller, or shorter than you maybe?

Big strong men

We’ve unconsciously been taught that in relationships the man should be taller than the woman. Tall men are often popular among the ladies and many men have a soft spot for women with a petite figure. This all stems from prehistoric times when men had to be able to protect their wife and family. Back then, you could suddenly be attacked by other tribes or a big, angry lion. This is not really a problem anymore. Society is different now. To take good care of the family, a big house and a fat bank account are more important than being big and strong. In this day and age, women can make money just as well as men, so the urge to find a guy to protect the family may gradually be diminishing too. 


Needs change, so we also develop an interest in new things. Because it goes against the norm, and is exciting as such, it could be experienced as exciting and horny to bed a partner who is much taller or shorter than yourself. This fetish is called anasteemaphilia. If you recognize these feelings, this does not mean that you are strange or that you should be ashamed of having these feelings. A growing number of people find it interesting to have a partner who is a head taller or shorter. There’s a reason for the huge range of, for example, Giantess porn available on the Internet. 

Short Kings

The social term ‘Short King’ has been going around on social media for at least a year now. Men who are shorter than average give themselves this title to indicate that they have no problem with the fact that they were never the tallest guy in class. These gentlemen do not suffer from the Napoleon complex, as they are completely content with their height. They walk proudly next to a partner who is a head taller and just as easily give their girlfriend a pair of the highest heels.

Do what feels good

Basically, if both partners feel good in the relationship, it doesn’t matter who is taller and whether the difference is considerable or not. Treat each other with love and respect, and from that secure base you are free to explore together what feels good and exciting to you.

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