10 Fun Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Fun Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

By Emmeline Peaches, 04.03.2021

Sexual desire comes in many different forms and, for some, the forms their desire takes can be a little…unusual. 

Those with a fetish experience a sexual desire and gratification from objects, scenarios, body parts, etc. that isn’t typically sexual. Most people won’t find the objects of a fetish innately desirable, but those who experience a fetish are capable of having their wildest dreams fulfilled by the wildest things. 

A fetish cannot be forced…but you can take inspiration from a fetish and use it for some sex-play of your own. 

Here are 10 different fetishes that you most likely haven’t heard of and a few different ways to spice up your sex life with ideas from those with extraordinary kinks. 

#1 Actirasty 

Time to hit the beach!

Those with actirasty get sexual arousal from the sun’s rays and…well…who doesn’t enjoy a bright and warming atmosphere from time-to-time. 

To gain inspiration from this fetish you’re looking at a little bit of risk – outdoors ‘activity’ or, to be on the legal side, a sunny vacation at a nudist beach or similar. 

Don’t skip the sun screen but don’t let it blot out those rays either. Your skin is meant to glisten, and the sun is the perfect lighting for its curves and contours. 

#2 Pteronphilia

This one will be controversial, as individuals with this fetish like to be tickled. 

Tickling can be irritating, but it can also be playful, especially if it’s done with appropriate respect and boundaries. 

Why not set a tickling match with your partner/s. Ready, set, go and it’s a run around the house. Then it’s a case of catching and tickling your partner until they yield. Three strikes on either side and it’s time for the playfulness to turn into something more intense.

#3 Tripsolagnia

This is a pamper session. 

Individuals with tripsolagnia get sexual gratification from having their hair shampooed. 

Time to draw a bubble bath, get a really luxurious and nourishing shampoo gel and really treat each other. If you want to add some additional elements we’re sure it wouldn’t hurt either. 

#4 Psellismophilia

Ever wondered why people swoon at Colin Firth in The King’s Speech? 

People with this fetish find it arousing when someone has a stutter. Now, we’re not here to fetishize anyone’s sincere speech impediment, but there is something to be said about someone getting so embarrassed, aroused, or flustered that they trip all over their words and flounder into a little stutter. 

Sexual roleplay is the way to go with this fetish. Someone could play the timid type, brought to stuttering, or perhaps a powerful business individual who is brought to near speechlessness. Whatever the role you take, be sure to embrace that sense of pure vulnerability that stems from being caught off-guard to the point of stuttering. Keeping it sweet will show a different side of yourself to your partner.

#5 Stygiophilia

Hellfire and damnation – that’s the name of the game with this fetish. 

This fetish is great for getting some BDSM inspiration. Perhaps a sinner and a demon? Or maybe a repentant Nun being taunted with the great beyond and hoping to repent? 

You’ll want to be confident in your word play if you want to take inspiration from this fetish, but when it works it works and…well…you’ll be on fire.

#6 Macrophiliacs

Macrophiliacs are all about giants. Usually giant women, but let’s not have gender spoil the potential for fluid fun here. 

While there’s no way that you can make yourself a literal giant, there are ways that a dominant can make a submissive seem small, or that fantasy roleplay can allow you to envision a change in stature. 

Creativity is the key to this one, and perhaps a good set of high heels.

#7 Spectrophiliacs

We ain’t afraid of no ghost, and neither are sectrophiliacs who actually find them rather arousing. 

C’mon? Who hasn’t had a little bit of a sexual arousal to spooks since the movie Ghost? There’s nothing to stop you from recreating a little supernatural fun with your loved one, and adding some fun elements to it. 

Say, for example, only very light touching from the ‘spectre’? Enhanced, maybe, with a blindfold. Or perhaps you use ice and temperature play to add some chill to the situation? “Ghosts” are the theme but the direction you take it in is all up to you. Going bump in the night has never been so fun.

#8 Psychrophilia

Speaking of temperature play, individuals with this fetish are all about cold and frozen environments. Bring out the ice cubes when indulging in this sexual fetish. Get some cooling lubricant, and perhaps even a glass sex toy cooled to perfection. 

Temperature play is a great aspect of sexual exploration, fetish or not, so embrace this one wholeheartedly. Just be sensible about what you apply to skin and the duration it lingers there.

#9 Katoptronophilia

In certain countries love hotels have mirrors on the ceilings and/or walls, which would be perfect for someone with katoptronophilia. 

Individuals with this fetish love to have sex and/or sexual activities in front of a mirror. 

If you’ve never tried this, promise us when we say it’s a great way to boost your sexual confidence and to really help you learn about your body and positioning. Plus, y’know’ it’s kind of like a self-made pornography shoot right in front of you (not that we’d want you to stop using our services, of course).

#10 Ursuagalmatophiliacs

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure for a big surprise….or a thrill, if you have this fetish. 

Ursuagalmatophiliacs are attracted to our cuddly friends, teddy bears. Teddy bears are great gifts but they can also be sensory items, play props for other fetishes, or even sex toys (Google it). 

Plus, sometimes, it’s nice just to have a teddy to hand to cuddle up to after a sexual adventure. 

So, there you have it! 10 different fetishes to gain some inspiration from. Do any catch your fancy? If not, don’t be deterred. There are many different sexual fetishes to discover and take inspiration from. Seek and you will find.

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