5 Role-Playing Scenes You Should Try

5 Role-Playing Scenes You Should Try

By Rebecca, 27.07.2020

Whether you play the local police officer who handcuffs the thief, or having an one-night stand as total strangers; you can choose whoever you want to be. Just wait and see what happens when you take the next step…

Role-playing can be a super hot way to change up your bedroom routine. If you’ve decided to try it out, the next step is to decide what kind of scene you want to create. There are a bunch of online lists with an infinite amount of options but we’re going to help you narrow down the search. Here are five unique ideas that you can personalize to fit your desires.

1. Wear a Uniform
Of course this one has to make the list! Many people find that uniforms are a really big turn on – think soldier, firefighter, etc. It is a broad category, which is what makes this option an unlimited amount of fun! Uniforms can work with two different power dynamics. You can choose an outfit like a police officer that is typically more dominant or you can choose an outfit like a deliveryman or a repairman, which is typically more submissive. You don’t need to go out and buy a whole new outfit, but you can see if your closet has a blouse or polo shirt and then head out to buy a few cheaper accessories. A police officer could have a badge and some handcuffs; a repairman could have a tool belt, etc. Make sure to act out the role before stripping off the uniform! The build up might just be the hottest part.

2. Be a Photographer
If you want to be bossed around, then have your partner become a photographer for the afternoon. The person holding the camera becomes the director while the other person becomes the model. The model takes commands about poses and about which outfits work best for the shoot. This is a perfect time to get out your best lingerie for the scene! You can either have the model try to seduce the photographer or you can have the photographer command certain actions. Of course, if there are any commands involved, you need to have a conversation beforehand about consent and decide a safeword. The perk of this type of role-playing is that you’ll have real pictures to keep!

3. Your University Job
Most people have worked some type of customer job at one point in their lives, often throughout university. If this is the case, then you are already a pro in at least one role! If you were a barista, then throw on an apron without any clothes on underneath. If you worked in a bookshop, then be a helpful employee and describe a few erotic novels. If you worked in a call center, then you can practice your dirty phone sex.  Whether you met your partner before, during or after university doesn’t make a difference. If it was during, then they’ll get a kinky flashback. If it was after, then they’ll learn a little bit more about your history.

4. Role Reversal
If you find that your relationship already has a certain power dynamic, then try flipping it. Sometimes the power dynamic is a natural accident – like one of you initiates sex more often or doles out more spanks. Sometimes the power dynamic is pre-discussed and predetermined. Whatever the case, all you have to do is flip the roles for one night. You might discover something new that you enjoy or you might discover that you are perfectly content with your natural power dynamic. In receiving what you’re used to giving (and vice-versa), you can learn about what it means to be flogged versus doing the flogging or what it means to be tied up versus tying someone else up. Flipping your roles will be a learning experience about being a better ‘giver’ or a better ‘receiver’ and you’ll be able to grow as a couple because you’re stepping out of your comfort zones together.

5. Be a Stranger
This role-playing scenario is not based on a power dynamic. The idea is that you pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time and inevitably end up having a one-night stand with this random person you’ve just met. This scenario is intended to provide a little rush from meeting your partner for the first time again. Of course, only do this if both of you are totally on board with pretending to be strangers. You can do this in a public place like a bar or you can do this in a more private location that can easily lead back to one of your apartments. The best part about this is that you can become someone entirely different for the night! Buy a wig, wear a bright lipstick or borrow a ridiculous outfit from a friend. Your outfits don’t need to be elaborate – they just need to be different from your usual style so you can better get into character.

Have you and your partner tried role-playing before? What type of scenes did you try? We’d love to hear if you have any other ideas to share!

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