9 tips to have sex on your period
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9 tips to have sex on your period

By Rebecca, 30.05.2022

Let’s start this article off by saying that there is nothing wrong with having sex on your period, and that period blood is not “dirty” or “gross.” Now that we have gotten that out of the way… period sex can actually be really enjoyable. Different hormones are happening, different parts of your body are more sensitive, and there is an added natural lubrication. Sex while menstruating can even help relieve cramps!

If you’re considering having sex on your period (which you should at least try once), we have some tips to help make you want to do it again and again.  Below are tips to have sex on your period.

1. Start Lighter

Menstrual flows can vary between light days, spotting, and heavy days. It’s a good idea to start on a light or spotting day to get a feel for it before moving on to a heavier day. You don’t actually bleed that much during a menstrual cycle, so you might be surprised at how little you bleed during menstrual sex – even less if you try on a light day.

2. Dark Towel

A dark towel is the ultimate period-sex accessory. While it is not the sexiest thing to grab a towel and place it on the bed/couch/etc., it will greatly help ease your minds and any clean up needed. You won’t have to worry about getting any blood on nice sheets or pillows – you just place a towel down and throw it in the wash after. There’s a big chance you won’t even get any blood on it – it’s just there in case it happens.

3. Shower Sex

If you’re not feeling the towel accessory, then hop in the shower! The water will wash away any visible blood so you won’t have to even see it.

4. Shower Beforehand Anyway

Speaking of showers – it can be a good idea to shower before you have sex on your period. If you wear pads or liners, then a shower is a great idea to clean up any blood residue. If you’ve been walking around all day with pads, then it might just ease your mind to do a quick clean up.

5. Tampon Strategy

If you use tampons, then the ideal would be to remove the tampon as close to the sexual act as possible. Obviously you don’t have to do this, but if you’re worried about having a lot of blood, removing the tampon right before can help reduce visible blood before penetration. You can opt to leave your tampon in during foreplay or other sexual acts if you want. (If your partner can’t handle seeing the tampon string, then the solution is to get another partner.)

6. Use a Condom

Even though you are actively menstruating, you can still contract (or spread) STIs and there is still a risk of getting pregnant (especially as sperm can live for several days). Having your period is not a valid form of birth control or protection.

Condoms are also a great way to avoid getting blood on your partner’s skin. Although not fool proof, it can help with any squeamishness and make it a very simple clean up.

7. Avoid Uncomfortable Acts

Your body goes through hormonal changes during a menstrual cycle and can cause symptoms like sore or swollen breasts, bloating, sensitive nipples, sensitive everything, etc. A sexual act that you might enjoy while not menstruating might become uncomfortable. Make sure to verbalize this to your partner so you can both avoid doing anything that is uncomfortable or painful.

8. Use a Menstrual Disc

There are menstrual discs and cups that can be inserted to prevent any visible blood during penetration. You can insert them beforehand, and go about penetration as if you are not actively menstruating. Make sure to read the instructions carefully to ensure proper insertion and removal.

9. Be Prepared

Make sure that you have some kind of wet-wipe or wet washcloth or toilet paper within arms reach in case there is blood that gets on someone’s hand or to use while removing a condom that has blood on it, etc. It’s better to be prepared and have something to use nearby than realize that you somehow need to make your way to the washroom. You can use the towel you placed on the bed, but make sure you’ve considered that beforehand.

There are a bunch of benefits to having sex while on your period. This list is not meant to deter you, it is meant to help keep period sex a completely pleasant and enjoyable experience. If you have other tips make sure to let us know! We like to end this article with a sexy video on vampires. They never mind some blood!

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