Must try: Include kegel balls in your workout routine
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Must try: Include kegel balls in your workout routine

By Sabine, 16.05.2022

Yeah, we know, thinking about doing a workout might not be the thing that turns you on. Unless you’re thinking about that hottie that is always hanging around in your gym. A workout is just a workout basically. But it can be so much more! Forget about those dumbbells, kettlebells and elastics. The one thing you need for a sexy workout are kegel balls! 

Kegel balls

You might know them as Ben Wa balls, but kegel balls are very functional. It’s not just about the great feeling, they help you train your pelvic muscles at the same time. Because all Vajayjay’s are different, the size of the balls are of great variation too. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy just one, or several, silicone balls or magnetic ones, attached to cords, you name it. It’s probably some getting used to but it won’t hurt and – do not worry- they won’t get stuck in your body!


The most important benefit is of course the training of your pelvic muscles, but there are several! Your orgasms will be much more intense after regular use. And it will be easier to reach that climax. It will help to control your bladder function because of the stronger pelvic muscles (So, no more loss of urine after a big sneeze or burst of laughter, how nice!). It is also a very sexy thought and great for foreplay. And it helps prevent pain during intercourse. What is not to love?!


Are you a first time user? Be sure to be relaxed. We also recommend emptying your bladder before inserting them. Lay down on the bed or on another surface you are comfortable with and start by adding some lube on the balls. Not too much of course, you won’t want them to slip out at the start. Start off by using one, as deep as you feel like. Then start with the second, if you want. Stay down relaxed. If you choose balls on a cord it’s the same principle as using a tampon. Start with some small gestures, try out what works for you. When you are comfortable with the feeling you can go out, do the stuff you normally do, your daily routine. But be sure not to wear them longer than 30 minutes. You could wind up too tight! To help remove the balls use lube again. Just relax and pull gently. If you choose loose balls it helps to keep standing up, then cough or jump to help push them out. 

The workout

This is not a workout you do at the gym! You can even do the exercises during your daily routine. Just work out your pelvic muscles by squeezing the balls 10 times and then take a break for a minute, squeeze again 10 times, take a break, and so on. You can exercise anywhere; behind your desk, in the line at your grocery store, while binging your favorite series, you name it!  If you use balls with a corde you can exercise by pulling it for 5 seconds while holding the balls inside with your pelvic muscles. Do this 10 times, break for a minute then continue. Best results are to be achieved when exercising 3 or 4 times a week. Are things going well? You can up your seconds! 

With the right mindset this workout could be really hot!  Even hotter than the hottie from the gym! 😉

Another tip: when you get the hang of it you can try to include the balls in your sex routine too! Especially when you are having anal sex, extra vaginal stimulation will be great, for both of you!

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