All you need to know about lubricant
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All you need to know about lubricant

By Eva, 27.06.2019

Every woman who is completely in the mood for sex automatically gets wet enough to start having sex. But when the ambiance and the finger technique of your lover aren’t enough to start that sexy-time without a dry vagina, we present you some tips for using lubricant the best way.

Get in the mood

Of all those amazing products ever made to spice up your sex life, A lubricant is one of the most amazing and helpful products ever made. Unfortunately, not every girl can make herself ready enough for hours of fun in the bedroom, without any help. And that’s completely okay because in case you’ve planned a long night of sexy-time, the sticky artificial moisture can be very helpful. But please do not forget that lubricant is never a replacement for your natural ‘juice’.  Never ever skip foreplay and make sure your body is in the mood before penetration. Then you will see your vagina makes it a lot easier receiving that penis from your lover.Besides, it’s always an option to add some extra lubricant during the love session. 

Pick your favorite

If you already start panicking, when you only think of all those different kinds of lubricant and don’t know which one to choose, then realize that the one based on water is mostly used. This variant doesn’t leave any spots on your body or sheets. Also, the chance is really small that you’ll be allergic to this one. On the downside, this variant is about to dry real quick. So, it’s really important to refresh the stuff on a regular base.  

Many purposes

We think that we have made our point about lubricant as an amazing product, which you can use when your vagina needs to be wet enough for hours of playtime. But did you also know that that stuff is ideal for a good long massage? Now you know, you’ll never have to buy an extra bottle of oil to keep the back of your lover satisfied. In this case, we advise you to pick the one based on silicone, especially if you want to give his private parts some extra love after that massage.  

Don’t be very flexibel

There is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on your money, but it’s not smart trying to save some money on lubricant and especially not to replace that stuff with other random fluids. If you thought those oils or other materials people find in the kitchen were also supposed to make your private parts more flexible, we have news for you: they don’t.So, please be really careful with what you use on or inside your vagina. There is no other way than that some fluids will give you infections between your legs.

Skip the cracks

Let’s be honest, you will probably mostly use some tools whenever your man is going to pleasure you backward. Nope, we’re not speaking about the normal way of doggy style. Anal sex can be really fun and exciting, but don’t forget your anus simply isn’t able to make enough juicy herself to open up to your partner. At least not in a pleasant way. Also, whenever you would like to have a nice session of anal play, lubricant based on silicones is your hero. That stuff will stick on your anus for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about crackdown there or any burning feelings between your buttocks.

Using lubricant can make the sex so much more fun, give it a try!

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