Guide to Male Sex Toys
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Guide to Male Sex Toys

By Rebecca, 02.04.2019

Male sex toys are great when used solo but they can also be used as a couple. No male sex toy needs to be exclusively for solo sessions!

Learn about the common male sex toys you can purchase and see if there is anything you want to explore – solo or with a partner.

Please note that in this article we are using “male” as a term to describe sex toys that are geared towards pleasuring penises and prostates. However, at Dusk TV, we absolutely acknowledge that not all males have penises and prostates, and not all people with prostates and penises are male. 

#1. Cock Rings

Cock rings are essentially rings that are placed around the penis shaft so that blood is kept in the shaft during an erection, which causes the penis to be firmer and larger. Also some cock rings are designed to be wrapped around the testicles for a more intense sensation.


These rings come in all sorts of sizes and materials – everything from firm metal to stretchy silicone. Some are not adjustable in size, while some have the ability to form a bigger or smaller ring.

If you are new to using a cock ring, purchase an adjustable one that can be easily removed if you do not enjoy the sensation.


Adding this male sex toy accessory is a lot of fun but stay without your abilities. Don’t force anything on that feels too tight. This isn’t to scare you; this is just to make sure you do enough research on them before squeezing on a metal ring for the first time.

#2. Masturbation Sleeves

The idea of a masturbation sleeve – regardless of its simplicity or complexity – is to mimic the feeling of penetrating a mouth/vagina/anus.

Masturbation sleeves are essentially tubes of squishy material with an opening at one end for a penis. The materials and textures can be of varying quality. A popular masturbation sleeve is the Fleshlight and all of its derivatives.

Famous sleeves

Some types of masturbation sleeves are made with unrealistic colours in random textures and patterns, while others strive to be significantly more realistic. The more intense masturbation sleeves are modelled after famous porn stars – oh yes, the outside of the sleeve is actually moulded from their genitals. The inside of the sleeve is designed to feel pleasurable, but not based on anything realistic.

For those that do not enjoy the “sleeve” aspect, there are a few alternatives on the market that are designed differently but have the same basic concept.

The masturbation sleeve the fleshlight.

#3. Dildos and Vibrators

If you want to explore anal play, go for it! There are certain dildos and vibrators that are more geared towards hitting the prostate, but many insertable sex toys on the market are unisex, as long as they are safe for anal penetration.


In order to be considered anal safe, dildos and vibrators need to be made with safe materials and made with a flared based. The anus has seriously powerful muscles and the flared base makes sure nothing gets inserted too deeply. In a vagina, there is nowhere for a dildo to go. However, in an anus, it can become irretrievable, which is why there needs to be a pretty substantial flared base.

Dildos and vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, firmness, colours and styles. You can opt for one modelled after a porn star or you can opt for one that barely resembles anything. The choice is yours!

#4. Prostate Massagers

Slightly different than a dildo or vibrator, prostate massagers are insertable sex toys specifically designed to reach the prostate.

The prostate (or male G-spot) is located in front of the anal canal, which can be hard to reach and locate. A prostate massager can provide a wonderful sensation as they are curved and angled in a way that provides direct contact with the prostate.

Prostate massagers can also come as vibrators, adding a totally different sensation to the way it interacts with the male G-spot.

#5. Butt Plugs

Whether you are an anal beginner or an anal expert, there is a butt plug out there for you! They can range from very small to very, very filling, depending on the sensation you are seeking.


Butt plugs are pretty straightforward. This type of sex toy is designed to enter your anus and stay in place. Of course, make sure there is always a large flared base so there is no risk of it fully entering the anus. 

Butt plugs are made with different materials, shapes and sizes, so there are tons to choose from to meet your needs.

#6. Lubricant

While not a sex toy, lubricant made this list because it is an essential component of using a penis-oriented and prostate-oriented sex toys. Using lubricant allows things to flow smoother, feel better, and prevent pain or any micro-tears that could happen with friction.

We recommend purchasing a large amount of a safe lubricant to use with all of the male sex toys mentioned above, especially as the anus does not self-lubricate and the penis often needs a little extra lubricant in a masturbation sleeve.


You can use water-based lubricant with all sex toy materials. Oil-based and silicone-based lubricants are not compatible with every material, including the materials most often used in masturbation sleeves. Please research the lubricant compatibility from a reputable source prior to using sex toys.

Explore male sex toys

While we have covered the basics of male sex toys, there are other options out there to explore. These can include sex dolls, anal beads, penis pumps and enlargers, penis extensions and sleeves, and more.

Sex toys geared towards penises and prostates can be a lot of fun, so explore what you’re comfortable with and go from there – solo or together!

Want to see some of these toys in action? Watch these videos on our channel!

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