Why sextoys will spice up your sexlife
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Why sextoys will spice up your sexlife

By Eva, 13.06.2019

Using a sex toy in the bedroom isn’t something to be ashamed of anymore. But still, not everybody is convinced when it comes up to the utility of our vibrating friends. Maybe you’ll think it’s not necessary, or your partner feels this way. Well, you can skip this one: especially in a long-term relationship, sex toys will improve the sex and makes it extra juicy instead.

First things first: let’s skip the idea that using sex toys in the bedroom is the last way to improving your sex life when you’re not the best lover in bed. Yes, talking about you guys! The fact that you use some extra stuff too pleasure the woman you love, doesn’t make you a bad lover. Admit it: secretly we’re all too needy about what’s on the market and whether a vibration will make you climax more intense. This is why sex toys will spice up your sex life.

Skip the pressure

You’ll definitely know the feeling: your man already climaxed and know it’s your turn. But especially when all eyes are on you, you might feel too much pressure and probably won’t climax. you will feel too much pressure to have an orgasm, and so feels your lover. You just gave him an eye-rolling orgasm and therefore he feels the need to reward you likewise. But if you block because of all this attention on your mind and body, it won’t say anything about his qualities as a lover. A toy can help the two of you to relax a bit and enjoy the ride. Let him touch your clit with the vibrator while he’s inside you, or take over control and pleasure yourself with some good vibrations.

Golden spots

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she wants, you won’t find a man in the world who will disagree. But it is still difficult for your bed partner to discover where your golden spots are. He simply doesn’t feel the same as you feel, when he touches your body. A vibrator can help to figure this shit out. A vibrating toy will help you show what you like, literally. He can watch and enjoy the show, but he can also take over the toy and prove he’s a quick learner. Fun fact: there are also enough funny sex toys on the market to drive him and his body crazy.

New impulses

Let’s be honest, if you’re in a long-term relationship it will make sense, that there isn’t firework between the two of you. At least not every day. You know each other’s body from head to toe and have already discovered what makes you totally horny and what doesn’t. To bring back the excitement, it can be very adventurous for you two to go to a sex shop or buy something online. Or surprise each other with a sex toy, every now and then,
whatever you like. It also gives you the opportunity to have a talk about those secret fantasies, you’ll probably have.

Intense orgasm

Last but not least: the way a sex toy influences your orgasm. The question, which you were probably waiting for this whole article. We have news for you: your climax will not be better when you use a sex toy. But yes, an orgasm can feel more intense, probably because your partner can stimulate your body at the same time. Think about your nipples or any other sensitive part of your body. And how about clitoral stimulation with your vibrator, while you feel your partner moving inside you? Hell yeah! Also amazing whenever you both feel physically exhausted but aren’t ready for bedtime yet. Orgasm guaranteed. Thank god, those toys will never get tired.

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