How to make late summer sex steamy hot
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How to make late summer sex steamy hot

By Janna, 28.08.2023

Summer is almost over, it seems, but nothing is further from the truth. Meteorologists tell us that it will probably be a very hot late summer, but it’s still pleasantly warm. So quickly dive between the sheets with your lover. Or in the sea, the shower, or dunes maybe…

Go commando

It’s so hot that it just feels best to wear as little as possible. So why would you wear sticky and scratchy underwear? Leave your panties at home when you go out, and feel a nice breeze between your legs. Give your lover a sneak peek of your little secret somewhere quiet. Count on it, you’ll drive them crazy!


Pfew, maybe sex is the last thing you need in these tropical temperatures. We totally get that of course. It can just be too hot to have sex. To make sure you don’t pass out from the heat, you can use a few fans. Place them strategically around your sex spot so you can last a lot longer. Also a good time to bring out your sexiest Marilyn Monroe impersonation.

Go all out with ice!

Never tried ice cubes during sex? This hot summer offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with ice cubes. So take your chance! Take an ice cube between your lips and run your mouth slowly up and down his bare body. Refreshingly hot!

Bathroom Sex

Does the clammy, sweaty feeling make you stuffy? You can cool off under a lukewarm shower, or on the cool bathroom floor and then take a rejuvenating shower together to top it off.

In the middle of the sea

Sea water is warmest in September in our parts, so why not take advantage of this right away. Go far enough into the sea so your love-making goes unnoticed. If having sex in the sea is not your thing, you can let your hands do all the work. Straight couples have to be careful though, as in rare cases the penis and vagina can get suctioned stuck during underwater sex. Oops!

Sexy picnic

Choose a secluded place for a picnic, like a stretch with tall grass in the dunes. Let pieces of fruit slide over each other’s skin and lick them off. Make it a fun game.

Do it in the evening

When it’s just too stuffy for a horizontal love dance during the day, you can do it late in the evening or at night. Open all the windows to add a cooling breeze. This way, you can still experience some full-fledged love-making without getting overheated.

Above all, create some sizzling summer memories together, to go back to during the cold and darkness of winter time.

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