‘Leave Them Breathless’: Altitude and Sex
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‘Leave Them Breathless’: Altitude and Sex

By Emmeline Peaches, 28.08.2020

Did you know that 17% of people have confessed to having sex on an airplane? Not only that but 52% of individuals said they’ve at least fantasized about it. 

The appeal of the ‘Mile High Club’ may have less to do with the plane itself, though, and much more to do with the effects of flying. Because, let’s face it; airplane toilets and aisles are hardly sexy.

Sex in the Sky

When it comes to sex in the sky the benefits are much more likely to have to do with environmental circumstances then they are the taboo or any apparent romance to be found on a flight. 

As it happens, flying up in the sky offers up a safe and prolonged form of mild hypoxia – where the body has less oxygen than normal. This, in turn creates a situation where climaxes, once experienced, feel more intense and prolonged. But one doesn’t need to be on a plane for this to be the case.

A Change of Altitude

As it happens, experiencing a change of altitude (with 8,000 ft above sea level being significant) can lead to a change in oxygen and thus a complete transformation of one’s sex life. Though, of course, it’s not always for the better.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to sex and altitude. Some people when at high altitude, for example, experience so much breathlessness that they get headaches, nausea, and dizziness. This means that if you’re planning a romantic getaway you might want to check what altitude you’re working with prior to booking. That, or give yourself a few days of holiday to acclimatise before you explore the potentially potent element of altitude play.

The Best Places for Altitude Sex Play

Now, it’s all well and good knowing about this correlation, but where can take the most advantage (or be most mindful) of such variations in altitude? 

A plane is an obvious choice, until you factor in the above-mentioned lack of privacy or romance. Plus, even though there is no technical law against having sex on a plane if unseen, there are a fair few policies and procedures that can penalize and even sentence amorous flyers. 

Your best bet, then, is not time spent on a plane but, rather looking at where your flight’s destination will be. 

Skiing holidays make for great places to explore altitude in your sex life. There’s a great likelihood that the mountain setting you’ll be in will provide ample altitude, plus the colder temperatures give you the perfect excuse to snuggle up in the evenings. 

As long as you’re safe and well-trained in mountain ascents and camping, you could also make a game out of your encounters; seeing just how high you can go and still have mind-blowing sex. 

If cool weather isn’t your jam, on the other hand, there are many mountain trekking holidays which venture in to high altitude areas with a more tolerable climate. 

If you really want to be ahead of the curve you can even check out where athletes do their altitude training for performance, so that you can travel there for your own cardiovascular session. Speaking of which…

Altitude Pre-Sex

If you’re especially interested in boosting your sexual potency but can’t persuade your partner to join you on a high-altitude excursion then consider taking advantage of one whenever you’re there yourself. No, we’re not talking masturbation here, either!

The reason that many athletes train at high altitude is because the lack of oxygen makes training there harder for the body which, in turn, produces more positive gains when they do exercise. 

This means that, if you exercise while at high altitude, you too can experience similar physical benefits. 

The more physically capable and fit the body is, the more blood flows, muscles endure, and lungs hold out; all of which translate when enjoying yourself for longer sex sessions. 

Are we saying that you should travel to Mt. Kilimanjaro just to get a stronger climax? Of course not, but knowing the link between altitude training and better sexual gratification is always handy, especially if you are a frequent flyer to high altitude areas. 

An Addendum

Of course, sex and altitude are not to be taken lightly. If you, for example, were to sacrifice vital warmth in exchange for a powerful romp while up in a snowy mountain then we would question your commitment to life over Eros. However, under the right conditions, altitude can bring an exciting new level to your sex life and a form of play which is invariably infrequent and to be cherished.

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