Is online dating actually worth it?

Is online dating actually worth it?

By Emmeline Peaches, 20.01.2022

There was once a time where the notion of meeting someone online seemed quirky at best and dangerous at worst.

Back when the net was just emerging the idea that ‘anyone’ could be behind the screen was a real fear and, if we’re honest, the same is very much true now. The Catfish documentary and show exist for a reason, after all.

Buut, let’s face it; that show is kind of ‘old hat’ by now, anyone who tries dating online knows to do a reverse Google search on suspicious images, and pretty much all of us are talking, interacting and, yes, even dating online.

According to some statistics we can spend up to one third or more of our day browsing social media of some type. That may sound obscene (and not in the sexy way) but, think about it – every time you look at Youtube, log in to Netflix, turn on Spotify, or flick through Facebook or Instagram during boring moments of waiting in line or at a set of lights you’re basically living online. So of course it makes sense that more of us are dating online too. This is reflected pretty heavily in the industry.

As of 2017 the online dating industry became worth $3 billion dollars annually. Yes….seriously… that’s a whole lot of eager lovebirds.

It’s also a whole lot of jobs, with at least 9,500 people employed through dating apps alone.

But, here’s the true billion dollar question: Is online dating actually worth it?

Well, here are a few facts that might sway you (or not) when it comes to swiping for love.

It’s A Match!

2017 saw some interesting research in to online dating, as it’s now considered to be a viable dating option with real-world, observable impact.

One result of this is just how much online dating resources are connecting people.

Take Tinder, for example. As of 2017 it now produces more than 12 million matches a day within its over 50 million user data base.

Tinder connects people via location, preference and (let’s face it) visual appeal, so it may not be the best tool for everyone, but you can’t deny that such a large dating pool beats the heck out of going to one of those dining speed-dating evenings or relying on someone in the office who ‘has a friend who knows a friend.’

Made Of Sturdy Stuff

Although it’s still very early days, current indications veer towards those who get married after meeting online having a lower percentage of marital breakups within a five year period.

Part of this is due to the overall reduction in marriages in Western society (marriage is soooo 20th century, it seems) but it still bodes well for any traditional relationship lovers hoping to try a tech-based get together.

Everyone Is Doing It

Whereas there used to be a huge stigma regarding online dating, now a minimum of 30-40% of US internet users aged between 18 and 29 use dating apps, with 31% more having used them in the past (presumably only stopping because they found ‘the one’).

Now, let’s get real here; this eliminates a huge amount of young individuals who are probably also using dating apps, and on a larger scale, but we don’t condone underage dating app usage, so we’re not going to be looking in to nor endorsing such statistics.

Of the 18 to 29 year olds who use these dating apps 84% are also looking for something with long-term potential, too, rather than just a fling or a friendship, meaning that online dating is more than just a tool for quick hookups.

Although, let’s face it; those can be fun too.

Bridal Bliss

Back to online marriages for a moment, it seems that as of 2017 a reported 19% of brides surveyed met their partner online. This is a huge growth compared to 5% in 2015 and makes us very curious as to what 2018 has in store for the world of online matrimony.

We’re especially curious seeing as couples who meet online also tend to get married sooner than those who meet through other means. It seems some bonds really do transcend tech.

The Odds Are Pretty Even

If you’re a guy you might feel like the odds are against you when it comes to online dating, but this isn’t entirely true.

Although on average online dating is more male-dominated the statistics vary by less than less than 5% – with 52.4% of men using online dating and 47.6% of women.

That’s not even mentioning all the wonderful genderfluid or queer individuals that might be out there.

So rest assured that the odds aren’t against you (we’re looking at you, supposed ‘Nice Guys’).

It’s Not All A Bed Of Roses

 Given all of this, you might feel like online dating is the way for you, but we do have a few grim statistics too.

Apparently 53% of people intentionally lie on their online profile (and that’s just the stat for those admitting to lying) so you may not always be talking to a totally truthful individual.

There is also some evidence that online dating has increased the risk of certain STDs – with some people hooking up without safer sex practices in place – so we’re going to have to advice that you always use the right precautionary methods if going digital with your dates.

So There You Have It!

Online dating is practically part of daily life now and, whether you’re an avid user or a tentative explorer, we feel like it has a valid role to play in how you go about finding love in modern society.

What do you think?

We’d love to know, so feel free to reach out via social media.

It only seems appropriate, after all.

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