Heat it up met wax play

Heat it up met wax play

By Sabine, 02.06.2020

Doing the same position and/or foreplay in the bedroom can make your sexlife a bit predictable and boring. Of course there are a lot of exciting things to spice up your sex life. Today we would like to tell you more about wax play. It’s great fun and you will get hot in many ways. 

What candles to use 

SM Candles
It’s important to realise that you can’t just use any candle when you want to experiment with wax play. To enjoy the hot wax of a candle we advise you to use a so called SM candle. These candles can be used to drip the wax on the body. The melting point of these candles are very low, that means that the wax is hot, but not hot enough to burn your skin. The chance of getting burns using the right candles is very low.

Massage candles
Also nice to use are massage candles. Would you like to play with wax but limit the pain? Try a massage candle. They often burn in a special cup and also have a great scent. The melting point of these candles are even lower than the SM candles and therefore the wax won’t hurt you. It’s great for a night of romance. Another fun addition is that a lot of these candles actually nourish your skin, the oil will make it really nice and soft.


Prepping for wax play: 

  • Before you start the wax play there are a few things you can prepare for. Start with your skin; if you put oil or lotion on it, the wax will come off more easily after. Also an important tip:shave! It’s not really hot when you tear all the hairs out while removing the wax. Unless that’s your thing.
  • Then you have to discuss which candles to use. Make sure you remove all flammable products from the room (hairspray, alcohol) before you start the wax play. Have a bucket of water at arm’s length, or a wet towel, something that will put out a fire. It sounds extreme and we don’t want to scare you, but better to be safe than sorry.  
  • Time to talk about pain limits. We advise you to test the wax on your hands to find out what is nice and what is too hot. Then you can test on other parts of the body. 

Let’s get started
If you are done prepping you can get to it! It’s very important that you agree upon a stop or safe-word. Maybe use a traffic light system:

  • Green: love it, go on….
  • Orange: sensitive, be careful
  • Red: stop now

This is how you do it
Get your partner in the right position, lying on their stomach. Light the candle. 

Feel the temperature of the wax before you start the play.

Drip the candle, but always keep the candle about 40 centimeters away from your partner’s body.

After dripping on the back, shoulders or chest you can start experimenting on other body parts (stomach, buttcheeks, thighs and other sensitive areas).

When you are finished with playing the wax will be hardened. Get it off the body gently.

After play
When you are done with the wax play it does not mean the end of all play. Getting the wax of the body can be sensitive and intimate too. A loving massage or a naughty spank session are ideas to continue this intimate session. 

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