Pretending you’re a dog, hot or not?

Pretending you’re a dog, hot or not?

By Sabine, 22.04.2021

Puppy Play might sound familiar, but do you know everything it includes? We’re not talking about cute baby dogs playing together. We’re here to tell you about grown up human beings dressing up like dogs and enjoying this sexually. 

What is Puppy Play?

It’s fetish roleplay. You can be the puppy or its owner, it’s as simple as that. If you choose to be the puppy, you can be playful, like a puppy. Different props are used; a doggy mask, a collar, and even a harness. We were surprised to find out that special buttplugs were created for this, buttplugs with a dogtail! If you want to go really authentic. 

What happens?

Lovers of Puppy Play lose themselves in the game. They play, cuddle, bark and run around the room on all fours. The owner takes care of the pup and takes it out for a walk. There are even special Puppy Play events, where all the puppy’s and their owners can meet, and the puppys can play with each other. Because it’s not just something between the owner and the puppy, it’s also about the interaction with the other puppy’s. 

Hot or not?

The relationship of the owner and the pup reminds us of the one a dom has with their sub. But there is a difference. It’s more playful. People roleplaying a puppy like being submissive, but not in a slave way. They’re just playing the whole time while the owner has all the control, it’s more of a carefree thing. You can lose yourself in a world where somebody else is making all the hard choices for you. 


You are probably wondering; is it even about sex? Maybe doing it doggystyle? Well, no.

It’s not common for puppy’s and their owners to have sex, but it’s possible if you want to. If the pup is in a ‘real relationship’ with their owner there might be a sexual relation too. But most puppy’s and owners separate this.

Are there dogs involved?

No! Puppy Play has nothing to do with real dogs, and people who participate in Puppy Play are not sexually attracted to dogs in any way. It’s all about the dynamics between owner and dog.

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