Naked pleasures

Naked pleasures

By Rebecca, 05.06.2020

Do you like to walk around the house naked? There are so many fun activities to do while being naked. We give you a few tips in this article!

While there are plenty of special naked events that happen around the world, you do not have to wait for a special day to bare it all. There are plenty of casual events that can have you taken off your shirt or… absolutely everything. Check out the activities below and then do a local search in your area! There are probably more naked activities in your city than you think there are.

Fun stuff to do when you like to be naked!

1. Find a Topless Group

In cities where being topless as any gender is legal, there tend to be groups of people who do things topless. Many read in public parks while bearing their chests – but some do other group activities like head to a spa or rent out a karaoke bar. Yes, topless karaoke. In New York, there’s a group called Topless Pulp that does all sorts of topless activities. If you’re into it, find a local group to be a part of.

2. Be a Naked Sushi Model

Looking for a side job? Did you know that naked sushi isn’t just for movies – it actually exists in real life? The Nyotaimori Experience hires people for their events around the United States. There are some strict criteria for models – but if you’re stereotypically fit and have no tattoos, you might be able to have rich people eat their sushi off of you!

3. Naked Swim

Want to go skinny-dipping in a group setting? Naturist London hosts a weekly Sunday naked swim that you can participate in. You can head there once or you can go as often as you’d like if you end up loving it. It’s in an indoor pool and the time is blocked off for naked swim.

4. Naked Working Out

NKD Gym in the U.K. is all about being “free from the restrictions of clothes” which is meant to enable people to be more “in tune” with their bodies. There are naked fitness classes, naked personal training, and just free gym time where it is perfectly acceptable to be nude. This particular gym seems to be geared towards men – but if this one exists, then there are definitely others out there. Also, if you have a women’s naturist group – you have the purchasing power to get a men’s naked gym turned into a women’s naked gym for moments of the week. Just make sure you clean the equipment before using it – which you’re supposed to do anyway at a gym – but make sure you’re really doing it well if you’re getting on a machine naked.

5. Nude Modelling

There are so many cities that have drawing classes where they need nude models. I was actually surprised to find how many classes require this in my own home city. Until you search for it, you might not know about it! There are even job boards like RAM in the U.K. that is designed for artists’ models to get jobs. Alternatively, if you want to experiment with public nudity but feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, then why not sign up for one of these art courses. Drawing nude models will help you change the way you see bodies as sexual to the powerful, functional, free part of the world that they are and should be.

6. Find a Meet Up

The internet is a wondrous, beautiful place. Never has it ever been so easy to find like-minded people. Want to meet other people who like doing things naked? Well, you can do that. On sites like Meetup, type in “naturist events” and you’ll see that there are currently 31 Meetups around the world with over 7000 members. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Create your own nudist meet up!

7. Naked Yoga

Whether you want to do yoga in a class setting or do yoga from your mat at home – there are options! Naked Yoga School has over 450 videos to help you get your routine done at home. There are also plenty of yoga studios that cater to nudists – just be wary that your Google search results are going to be very filled with porn. Not that that’s a bad thing at all – just know you might have to dig through some pages before finding your local nudist yoga studio.

8. Nude Beaches

Of course, you can always head to a nude beach! I found out recently that my city has a bunch of beaches that aren’t registered as “nude” but that have sections of the beach where it’s an understanding that everyone will be nude. Not just a tiny section either – but a full on section with bathrooms, picnic areas, a restaurant, and volleyball courts.

Basically, anything you can do fully-clothed, you can find an alternative, naturalist option. Whether you’re just exploring public nudity, or if you’re ready to meet some like-minded friends, there is a casual activity that is right for you.

Did we miss any fun naked activities that you’ve done? Let us know!

Are you satisfied with your (naked) body? Of course we want you to be satisfied about your own figure. Aren’t you? We will give you some tips of how you become more positive about your body!

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