Dissatisfied with your sex life? Tips against boring sex
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Dissatisfied with your sex life? Tips against boring sex

By Janna, 06.02.2023

Are you rating your sex life as unsatisfactory? Because it’s become boring with a capital B? Especially couples who’ve been together for a long time consider their sex life boring. It’s become predictable, you do it less often and you miss the thrill of the early days. Recognizable? In that case, it’s high time for some new approaches!

Don’t worry, everyone has boring sex every now and then. That’s just part of having a long-term relationship. You get used to each other and are attuned to each other. Sometimes to the point it’s  become predictable. So, lack of excitement in the bedroom is normal and no reason for a relationship crisis. Though it is important to regularly try new things. To make things exciting again. We’ll give you some golden tips.

1. A quicky at an exciting place/location

Novelty is essential for excitement. Think about how exciting it is to get into bed with someone new. If you’re already in a steady relationship, you can look for excitement by doing new things. Take the initiative and surprise your lover with a good fuck in an unexpected place. The risk of getting caught, makes it even more thrilling. 

2. Hours of foreplay

People often think of foreplay as hand & mouth work, but it’s much more than fingering, jerking off and oral sex. Foreplay can start without even being together. With flirty messages and sexy photos. Turn each other on from a distance, so you long for each other all day.

3. Draw a position

Buy a card game with different positions. Every week, or every other week, (you decide on the frequency together) one of you draws a card from the deck. And then you perform the position on the card. This ‘game’ helps you to avoid going for the same position every time and you’ll probably come across positions you’ve never tried before.

4. Flirt like crazy

Remember how much fun it used to be to flirt with each other? Teasing each other until you both wanted to rip each other’s clothes off? You can still have that now! Whether you’ve been together for a month, or ten years. Flirting and teasing always brings new electricity. So tease, dance and kiss as if you’ve only just met!

5. Not right now

Is no sex better than boring sex? That’s up for debate, but one thing’s for sure. It’s a shame to keep having boring sex just because you ‘have to’. Maybe you do it too often, which might also make it boring. Don’t compare your sex life to that of others. Every couple is different and has their own specific needs. It’s about quality, not quantity! Good and satisfying sex also stimulates your sex drive, so it’s better to focus on that.

6. Naked day

Do all your grocery shopping, close the sheers, turn on the heater and go for a naked day. Yes, you read that right, pick a day to do everything naked. Our guess is that might be a first for you. You stay indoors of course. Or, if you have a lot of privacy around your home, and weather permits, you could go outside too. A day to watch each other’s naked bodies, have a lot of skin on skin contact and touch each other all day. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a stimulating massage.

Last but not least, don’t avoid the subject and talk about it together. And make sure you’re both willing to keep putting the effort in. Keep enjoying each other!

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