How to find a new serious relationship

How to find a new serious relationship

By Sabine, 11.11.2021

Days are getting colder, you’re spending more and more time inside the house. It’s raining cats and dogs. It’s night time again before you know it, what is a single girl to do on those chilly nights? You light a few candles and get as comfy as you can. Maybe fill your nights with some extra work, dreaming away while watching romantic comedies or fantasising about a new love interest. You just know that your life will be better with a partner than being by yourself. If you need a bit of help in finding that new partner just read along! 


The digital age and of course COVID didn’t help us meet new people recently. So signing up for an online dating site might be a good idea for you! There are several dating sites out there, focused on education level,  single parents, gay guys, lesbians, etc. You should realise that some dating sites are mainly focused on short hookups, so if you are looking for a serious match be sure to use the right dating sites. If you would like to test the waters first, check out the sites that focus on erotic contact. A place where you can find someone for one night only. 

Profile Picture dating site

Have you finished registering? Great! The next step is to take a beautiful portrait of your face! the pics in the dating apps are small and even if you are shining like a true star, on your beautiful fit bike, the pic won’t pop because of the many details. A face pic will, and that’s a must! 

Cute and honest

Create a positive profile. Don’t make lists enumerating you love working, riding your bike and cooking. Try to create a light, short story.  Like : “I love my job because it brings up the best in me, riding my bike boosts my energy even more, it lights up my life and keeps me in shape. Self care is very important for me, that’s why I take time to cook nice and healthy meals.”

Recruitment text

There’s nothing wrong with being a critical person. But leave some space for your potential lover to not check every detailed box. If you are searching for someone who is tall and fit, has clean nails and a job that helps save the planet: your search might be a bit shallow. A huge turnoff for a lot of members, so try to focus on the complete package and add more substance. 

Is humor important for you? Try to be funny in your text too, you might get a funny reaction too. After a nice chat you won’t even notice his skinny shoulders anymore and stay focused on his beautiful eyes. You are worth it to meet that cute, sweet, handsome, funny person and keep them in your life! It’s okay to be fussy, but don’t exclude people because of one detail that’s on your wish list. Be honest, let them know who you are and what you want. 

Go out 

Blow the dust off your high heels, buy some sexy lingerie, fine tune your makeup and go out! If walking into a bar alone scares you, ask a friend to join you. Someone who is just a friend, nothing more, will be your perfect wingperson. So how to get started. Just browse the bar, look around. Hey, is that handsome guy at the bar giving you looks? Keep the eye contact going, keep flirting: give a look, then look away, smile. If he flirts back you can invite him to join you. If you’re smart you and your friend agreed to a code earlier. Like: ‘Your babysitter needed to go home after 22.00, right?’ which will make your friend look at their watch and act like they need to go home. It’s just you and handsome now. 

Single weekend

Are you not a fan of bars or dating sites? There are special weekend trips just for singles, even longer trips if you’d like! It doesn’t mean that everyone on that trip is looking for a serious relationship, but it does mean that they’re single. A lot of them aren’t lonely, but just a bit bored with their non single friends. Keep your expectations low and just have fun. And, hey, if you don’t play you don’t win! The right person might just be there and you will be having hot steamy sex under the stars (or sun). Or maybe you will meet some new friends. 


Is going out or travelling just not your thing. Maybe those dating sites are too exciting. Why don’t you try flirting while grocery shopping! It might sound weird, but a lot of warm relationships can arise in the freezer section. Be sure not to overdress, just casual with a bit more makeup than usual, and combed hair. Maybe your fit new lover will be near your favorite veggies. 

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