8 common house items you can use as bedroom toys
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8 common house items you can use as bedroom toys

By Sabine, 22.03.2021

Is your vibrator not available, but is your sexual urge too enormous to ignore? Are you bored by your fingers? What about these house items you probably have lying around! 


Do you need a blindfold for a kinky night? Use a (clean) dishcloth! It’s so exciting to feel all kinds of stuff but at the same time you can’t see what’s happening (and what’s coming). He might be on his way down… 

Makeup brushes

Teasing each other with something soft? Makeup brushes are perfect to caress your partner’s body. Try his thighs, his stomach and his back. These are very sensitive spots that can be a huge turn on.

Electric toothbrush

Is your vibrator empty? Your toothbrush can vibrate too! The soft vibrations can give you a delicious orgasm. Just be careful not to use the same attachment as the one you use for your teeth. 


Would you like to make doggy style easier? Why don’t you tie a towel around your waist. This way your partner can hold the tower and pull you against him. How hot is that?


Do you enjoy getting a good spanking? Or do you prefer doing it yourself? Take a spatula from your kitchen and voila: your perfect spanning toy! The best spatula to use is the rubber kind, wood tends to hurt more (unless that’s your thing). 

Honey/whip cream

Okay, so these are not exactly items, but they’re delicious products to use during sex. A few drops of honey on the skin to lick off each other, yum. This might be even hotter while using the dishcloth as a blindfold. Be sure not to get any honey in your vagina, bacteria will ruin the fun. 

Shower head

A classic. A shower head is perfect to stimulate your clit. Does yours have several positions? Use the strongest one. The orgasm will blow your mind. 

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