5 sweet spots he doesn’t want you to miss
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5 sweet spots he doesn’t want you to miss

By Sabine, 19.09.2019

It’s common knowledge that us women have many erogenous zones that get us in the mood, but every now and then men can also appreciate some attention for body parts other than the joystick. After all, we’re all too familiar with that part. Fortunately, there are so many more sweet spots to discover. 

Although most men can also appreciate a good make out session, we tend to immediately head to his intimate parts. A shame, since his body has so many more special spots on offer. And taking it slow with the phallic activities also comes in useful for you, since it may help him contain his orgasm for longer. A win win! So move over, penis! By stimulating the following sweet spots you will be sure to make him go crazy for you. 

When it comes to your nipples, your partner probably knows exactly what to do during foreplay, are we right? Licking, twisting or nibbling… is it getting hot in here or what? However, many men also enjoy some tending to the nipples during foreplay. Watch out with rougher forms of nipple play though: not all men are into it. Lucky for you if yours is, though! 

Never neglect the balls during foreplay or during oral: we’ve all heard it before. But were you also aware of the sweet spot between his balls and anus? Give this spot some love and you will surely get him even more hyped. Listen to his breathing, that’s how you’ll know how hard to press. If you feel comfortable, you can also pleasure him with your tongue. Do this right before he comes and your lover will definitely thank you for it. 

How amazing, that feeling when he shows you he wants you by kissing you in the neck. Yes baby! Well, it’s probably also a turn on for him when he’s at the receiving end. So bury your face in his neck and slowly make your way down. In fact, the jawline is always a good place to start if you want to let him know you’re hot for him. Try alternating with kissing and caressing his jaw with your nails. We bet his hands will have found their way to your sweet spots in no time. 

Speaking of lines, this sweet little list wouldn’t be complete without including his v-line. Yes, we’re talking about the two lines on his lower body pointing to his junk. Not only are these lines a feast for the eyes, they are also very sensitive to you gently stroking or licking them. Could it have a little something to do with what expectations you’re raising by doing it?

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