Myth busting: The Winter Penis

Myth busting: The Winter Penis

By Rebecca, 25.12.2023

Last week, we wrote about the Winter Vagina and why that term is all sorts of wrong. In short, there’s no such thing as “Winter Vagina,” despite the term making its way to the newspapers.

However, in a small twist of events, there IS such a thing as “Winter Penis.” Oh yes, penis owners do have a winter term that is real. Except, it has literally nothing to do with “winter vagina” or health in any way.

Let’s find out about what penis owners can expect during the winter months!

What is “Winter Penis”?

Winter Penis is when the penis looks smaller during the winter/colder months. It does not affect the health of a penis at all; it is a physical reaction to the cold that your body cannot control.

Sexual health specialist, Dr Darius Parduch, told Men’s Health the size of the penis could be reduced by up to 50% in length and up to 30% in girth during cold months.

Why Does “Winter Penis” Happen?

“Shrinkage” happens when the penis is cold, so when the environment is cold it can affect the size of the penis.

It happens because the blood vessels in the body’s extremities contract when cold in order to direct heat to the internal organs, which are deemed more important.

As well, it is well known that testicles get smaller in cold weather and get drawn higher up into the scrotum for warmth. Just like what happens when you jump into a cold lake in the summer months.

Does “Winter Penis” Affect Sex?

No, being in the cold will not affect the ability for a penis to become erect or even to maintain an erection. However, being cold can affect your sexual desires. If you’re freezing cold, it might be difficult for you to get in the mood to have sex, but once you’re in the mood, there is no reason the cold will impact your penis. If you remain cold throughout intercourse, it might take longer to have an orgasm but that has nothing to do with the physical penis.

Obviously, it is not recommended to expose your penis to freezing cold temperatures. You don’t want frostbite on your penis.

It has been noted that a “Winter Penis” can cause some discomfort when it moves around your underwear, as friction can become a problem. However, it seems that the major impact of “Winter Penis” is the perception of having a smaller penis (despite everything returning to normal once you heat up).

Why Do I Have a Low Sex Drive in Winter?

Being cold can be a great inhibitor to getting in the mood, including even having erotic thoughts. As well, the perception that a penis is smaller might make people more self-conscious. A simple fix is to get warm! Add blankets, turn up the heat, and keep your socks on! 

Sometimes, during the winter, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can greatly affect people’s moods, which can affect your sex drive. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should talk to a doctor about seasonal affective disorder.

If “Winter Penis affects you” there is good news! The opposite is also true! “Summer Penis” is when hot weather causes an increased blood flow to the penis, which makes it appear larger!

The takeaway? It’s time to get warm and cozy with your partner! 

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