Why women cheat

Why women cheat

By Rebecca, 11.08.2022

The other day, I had a conversation with a friend about how men are portrayed to cheat on their partners way more often than women. My friend had just discovered one of her friends had been cheated on, and had gone on a little rant about how men are less faithful than women.

In my experience, monogamous men and women are equally unfaithful to their partners (and there’s even a study to prove this is true with millennial women). There are plenty of myths that are connected to female sexuality and infidelity, so together, we’re going to bust a few of those myths!

Myth #1:  Women Only Cheat for Emotional Reasons

A long-standing myth about women’s infidelity is that women only cheat for emotional reasons. These reasons include things like being unhappy with their relationship, trying to find a way to end their marriage, or conversely, falling in love with someone else.

In actuality, there are plenty of women who have an affair purely for sexual pleasure. Women who use the internet to find a partner often do it primarily for sex! Studies have also shown that more than a third of married women who have affairs are “happy” or “very happy” in their marriage and it has nothing to do with those emotions.

Myth #2: Monogamy is Easier for Women than it is for Men

Although the myth is that monogamy is easier for women, the truth might actually be the total opposite. In a study, it was shown that women reported being more bored than men in their relationships, despite being happier with the sexual aspects of that relationship.

It’s actually women, not men, who get bored with monogamy faster.

Myth #3: Women Have Long-Term Affairs instead of One-Night Stands

This myth isn’t just for women who are cheating on their partner. It is a well-believed myth that women prefer to date someone rather than have a one-night stand. It might be true for many women, but I know plenty of females who prefer to have one-night stands than get wrapped up in the dating world.

One of the societal issues that perpetuates this myth is that women do not have as many “grey zones” for cheating. When men head to a strip club or go to a massage parlour, it ends up being a big grey zone about whether or not they cheated.

It is rare that women have the same luxury. When that luxury exists, there is definitely more stigma associated with a woman being sexual adventurous than if a man were to do the same thing.

If there are fewer outlets for women to have one-night stands or to release some sexual energy, then it is no wonder people believe women prefer long-term affairs.

Myth #4: Women Are Overall Less Sexually Adventurous than Men

The idea that women are less sexually adventurous than men is such an out-dated thought! In fact, research suggests that women in their twenties are more than twice as likely as their male counterparts to go to a swingers’ party, dungeon or other sex party. Studies show that women are even more open about things like dirty talk or communicating fantasies.

It’s not that women are less adventurous, it’s that there is more stigma associated to women being sexually active.

While we don’t condone cheating on your partner, it’s important that women’s sexuality is not constantly boiled down to a few Hollywood-based myths.

If you’re going to cheat, don’t let society tell you how to do it! Just maybe consider spicing things up with your partner or agreeing to a non-monogamous relationship before you head down that road.

Have you already cheated on your partner and regret this ever happened? Or perhaps your partner cheated on you and you have difficulty dealing with this? The ability to forgive and seek forgiveness is very important for maintaining a healthy long-term relationship. Forgive eachother and strive for a happy life together.

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