Staying with family over Christmas; tips for sneaky sex

Staying with family over Christmas; tips for sneaky sex

By Janna, 07.12.2023

Of course it’s great fun to completely let yourself go during a good sex session. Good sex: you can smell it, taste it and hear it. Dirty talk, a loud moan or the headboard banging against the wall, all these things should be possible at home. But what if you’re staying in a chalet or bungalow with family for the holidays, or you’re all staying over at granny’s. In that case, there are two options: you simply skip a night or go at it very quietly.

The bathroom

If you and your lover have your own bathroom, that’s the perfect place for a quickie. Turn on the shower to make it sound like you are giving your hair a thorough wash and don’t forget to lock your door. You can bend over and lean on the sink or sit on a bath mat on all fours. Every family is different, so try to estimate how long it takes before your nosy aunt starts to wonder what’s taking you so long.

In the car

If you have the luxury of having your own car on the doorstep, that’s a nice opportunity for you right there. You can volunteer to go get some fresh croissants together, or drive by that delicious little wine store. Especially when you’re staying in a cottage in the woods, you can easily drive to a remote spot, recline your car seat and climb on top of your partner. If you’re the type who likes to come prepared, you can even make sure to wear something comfortable for the ride.

Fidget, don’t fiddle

Of course, full-on fucking is less easy to conceal than some fingering or jerking off. If you know that the family’s not in the habit of barging into your bedroom, the bedroom is a good place to have a little fun. When everyone else has gone to bed and it’s gone all quiet in the house, you better make sure to keep your voice down, your moans soft and stick to whispering if you don’t want to get caught. If your family is bound to barge in without knocking and the door can’t be locked, simply stand against the door as you let your partner spoil you or vice versa. If anyone wants to come in, you can quickly pull up your pants and just pretend nothing’s going on.

And if you do get caught, it’s not the end of the world. It’s family, after all. And eventually, it’ll be a ‘remember that time when?’ story that you can all joke about.

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