Giving the Perfect Gift This December

Giving the Perfect Gift This December

By Emmeline Peaches, 05.12.2019

December is upon us! Seasonal cheer fills the air, people are feeling goodwill towards each other, and gift giving is on the agenda. Sure, gifts can be exchanged any time of the year, but there’s something special about having a day dedicated entirely to letting those around you know just how well you know them and just how much you care.

That woolly novelty sweater might go down well with auntie Agnus but when it comes to your significant other they deserve nothing but the best. But what is the best? How can you perfectly express your adoration for the person nearest and dearest to your heart?

Time to get creative as we look at some of the best gift options for your lover this festive season.

A Romantic Day Trip

It may be hard to get time to yourselves during the holiday, but this is all the more reason to gift your partner a lavish day trip for your mutual pleasure (though theirs will ultimately take priority). Find out if there’s anywhere they’ve been dying to go and see if you can make it possible. If not, then recreate the scenario as best you can.

Perhaps they wanted to go India but that’s just not on the cards? A yoga retreat and a dinner date sampling fine Indian dining might be doable. Perhaps they wanted a luxury spa day? Make it happen! Or, alternatively, rent a room at a local hotel and turn it in to their very own personal parlour. They may appreciate the outcome more with you as their masseuse anyway.

The focus here isn’t on being able to achieve the most expensive trip ever but to aim for the most thoughtful trip ever. Show your partner that you’ve been listening to their desires for a romantic escape and that you will always be willing to fulfil them (even if the result is unconventional). When you set your mind to creative compromises that’s when gift-giving magic occurs.

A Custom Craft Order

Keeping the personal appeal, there are a lot of wonderful sites available now which will allow you to personalize items to create a custom gift. Surprise your lover with one of these gifts, making sure that your chosen item appeals to them in some way.

If you have the money for it there are also several small businesses and individual artisans who will offer bespoke services—allowing you to gift your loved one something completely and utterly unique.

Very few things in this world say ‘You’re one of a kind’ as much as a literal one of a kind token of your affection. It’s the physical embodiment of just how much your partner means to you, as well as yet another display of exactly how well you know them.

Etsy is a great place for such custom orders. Just make sure you get this gift ordered well in advance. Handmade gifts take time!

A Personalized Book

One of the best gifts I ever received from a partner was a tiny little book where he had followed guided prompts to write about just how much he loved me and why. It was vulnerable, honest, sweet, playful, and incredibly sexy. I still treasure it to this day.

Such prompt books are easy to get hold of and, although they may seem a bit tacky, it’s what you bring to them that matters.

If such a book seems a bit too impersonal you always have the option to start completely from scratch too. Buy the perfect blank book and begin to fill it with daily reminders of just how much your partner means to you and why. When the year is done then wrap up your endeavour and present it to your partner. I can guarantee they’ll never forget it.

If you’re feeling a bit more daring, there’s always the option to create your very own book of sexual desires for your partner. Include excerpts from your favourite erotica. Clip out and insert pictures of your favourite porn scenes, or sex toys. Share your deepest desires and confess when your partner is the most attractive in your eyes. Not only is this gift thoughtful but it’s also a great way to open a dialogue about some exciting sexual exploration. 

A Saucy Sex Toy

Following on from the idea of erotic literature, why not treat your lover to something that they can derive emotional and physical pleasure from?

If you’re in a relationship where sex toys are an option (or perhaps a tentative curiosity) then the gift of a luxury sex toy can be incredibly sweet and highly intimate. Besides, let’s face it, this is a toy that you may both be able to enjoy.

Before diving head first into the wonderful world of sex toys remember that some toys make better gifts than others. You may like the idea of a rabbit vibe or a huge butt plug, for example, but that may not be your partner’s jam at all. Remember—this is a toy for them. Something they’ll want to use, not something you want them to use.

Bullet vibrators are always a great option because of their diversity and gender neutral approach. Wands are always appreciated if your partner craves power too. Then, for those who have expressed an interest in anal play or cock rings, there are luxury options for both (some are even adorned with gemstones and Swarovski crystals).

Just make sure that what you get is of high quality and made of a reliable material—ABS plastic, silicone, glass, and metal are a yes. Jelly, TPR/TPR, and ‘real feel’ are a no-no, and wood is a maybe. Do your research, read plenty of reviews and you can’t go wrong!

A Secret Shared Between You

Running through these gifts there’s a common theme that you’ve probably picked up on by now and that’s communication. Talking to your partner, getting to know their likes and dislikes, and demonstrating just how well you know them are crucial aspects of the perfect gift.

At the end of the day if you have these key components in place then chances are you don’t need a gift guide to tell you what your partner will love the most—you’ve already got a good idea and you can’t wait to see them open their gift!

This synchronicity—the bond that you’ve built up together—is the strongest asset when it comes to the perfect gift. It is an invisible bond, a secret depth shared just by you, which no one else is privy to and no one else will be able to replicate.

So utilize this asset and allow it to come to the foreground when you select the best December gift for your partner. 

If you keep their needs in mind and know them well they’ll open their present knowing that they’ve got the greatest gift possible and have had since the day you met.

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